Harley Davidson Dyna Crash Bars

Harley Davidson Dyna Switchback FLD Crash Bars


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Motorcycle Crash Bars/Engine Guards for Harley Dyna Switchback

The Harley Dyna Switchback crash bars are lightweight steel attachments that will not interfere with your riding and function as extra protection for your bike’s engine and center frame. They will also come with all the hardware necessary to affix them securely to your bike. The engine guards for Harley Dyna Switchback do not have the most complex design, however, they will reliably keep other vehicles from ramming into your bike and damaging any of the essential parts. The metallic build will retain its shape and can handle a lot of punishment no matter what weather or rough terrain you may encounter while riding. Harley Dyna Switchback crash bars come primarily in chrome, with the finish helping to keep the surface clean, smooth, rustproof, and weather-resistant.

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