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Dual Sport Motorcycle with Rack Roll Bags


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Roll Bags for Dual Sport Motorcycle with Racks

If you love traveling and camping in mountainous areas and only smooth roads are not your choice for biking, then you must experience Dual-sports for your curvy routes. You cannot use ordinary bags on rough roads or in mountainous areas, but there is no need to worry because Vikingbags have introduced Rack Roll bags especially for Dual sports riders. These rack roll bags are just amazing as your dual sports bike. Interior of these rack roll bags have multiple compartments to keep your every type and size of luggage and accessories, moreover they have many zipper pockets inside and outside as well, for your personal and immediately needing accessories. Strength and durability both are ensured by Rot-proof stitching so they cannot be torn easily. These rack roll bags for Dual sports can easily be detached from your bike so if you have to transport or carry little luggage.

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