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Tool Bags for Dirt Bikes

If you love to go for long rides on your bike, then you must be facing the challenge of carrying your gear with you every time. With the dirt bike tool bags the entire process gets simplified. These tool bags securely hold a complete range of tools within the spacious compartments. These in turn have different elastic tool slots to ensure you have everything with you in case you need to tighten a bolt or change a tire somewhere on the road. Along with keeping the different types of tools secure there are also mesh pockets for smaller items. A molded hard front pocket is present for storing items like safety glasses while the other outer zippered pockets are great for easy access to keys, wallets, maps and more. These ultimate mobile toolboxes offer not just great storage but also the chance to carry goods in an organized manner.

Made from leather and heavy duty fabric, they have enough room to hold all the necessary tools that a rider may need. The ABS plastic base and back offer tremendous support and rigidity to the bags, preventing sagging and shape loss for a long time. There are adjustable straps with adjustable and heavy duty web belts, offering riders a comfortable fit across their waists and maximum riding comfort. This comfort comes from the fact that the weight of the dirt bike tool bag is also evenly distributed and does not weigh the user down. When you don’t want to carry it at all, you can easily get it attached to the bike with the help of the universal bracket that every such Viking product comes with. The bag is further secured to the base with the help of the Velcro flaps and a pair of compression straps.

A Quick Look at Main Features of Viking Dirt Bike Tool Bag:

Durable nylon construction and heavy duty stitching make these tool bags ideal companions for a ride.

The bags come with exterior compression straps.

Top carry handles, easy access side pockets and map pouch make them super convenient.

The bags also include exterior compression straps that make them easy to secure and to carry as well.

They come equipped with the free mounting hardware that makes installation easy and quick, and cost effective too.

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