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Hard Cases for Dirt Bikes

At Viking Bags we are dedicated to creating motorcycle luggage that will defy all traditions and serve our customers to the fullest. So if you have been making do with generic bags for your dirt bags, it’s definitely time for change now. Our Dirt Bike Cases come in varied shapes and sizes, each one specifically designed to serve their own purpose. While some are made to primarily hold tools and gadgets, others may be more suited for carrying helmets, gloves and other such essentials. Some can be fitted easily on the tail or fender of the bikes while others may be attached to handlebars with the help of strong Velcro fastenings. No matter what kind of luggage you may need, expect to find the best quality option only here.

What makes these Cases for Dirt Bikes so special? Well, for one you have to only look at the kind of materials used to understand this question. We specialize in creating the pure Viking leather, an edge that no one else can have. This is then combined with fiberglass shells and a strong ABS plastic base to create a luggage that can withstand all kinds of pressures and shocks. These hardy materials make it easy for the bags to stay rigid and absorb the road shocks, which not only keep them in shape but also the goods inside protected round the clock. Dirt bike riders are known to venture into tougher terrains and ride through all kinds of weather conditions, the reason why they have opted for the hardier bikes. Having the perfect luggage partner is therefore a must for them.

Dirt Bike Case from Vikingbags:

But the hardiness is not all when it comes to benefits that you get from brand Viking. These Dirt Bike Cases are all designed to be very spacious and very easy to use. The storage space in divided into a large main compartment with smaller pockets on the side to keep things organized. There are also some external pockets in the soft covered options that allow for quicker access to cellphones, keys or even water bottles. All these bags are equipped with high security locks, traditional as well as advanced. The former is a strong lock and key system while the latter is built-in locks with secure combinations. Hardy chrome buckles and Velcro flaps on the side complete this cycle and make every Viking product a veritable Fort Knox.

When it comes to ease of use no one can beat the Viking Dirt Bike Case. A quick look at the options will explain why. They have universal brackets, quick release buckles, and detachable mounting hardware which come absolutely free with every product that you buy. All this at an affordable price and with a risk free 30 day refund option as well.

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