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Viking Odyssey 80L BMW ADV Touring Luggage SystemViking Odyssey 80L BMW ADV Touring Luggage System Bag on Bike @expand
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Luggage System for BMW F 850 GS Adventure Motorcycle

The BMW F 850 GS stands out as a versatile and adventure-centric motorcycle crafted by the renowned German automaker BMW Motorrad. As a vital member of the GS series, denoting its prowess in off-road and on-road conditions, the F 850 GS seamlessly merges comfort for city rides with the rugged capabilities required for off-road exploration. Specifically engineered for adventure touring, catering to riders embarking on extensive journeys covering diverse terrains, including a luggage system, becomes paramount. This essential accessory offers ample storage space for riders, accommodating clothing, tools, camping gear, and other necessities crucial for prolonged trips. Diverging from conventional options, the Viking Odyssey Luggage System steps into the scene, providing versatile cargo capabilities meticulously suited for various landscapes. This dual-bag arrangement offers a resilient and adaptable solution, featuring an outer bag resistant to abrasion and an inner dry bag utterly impervious to water. Its modular design further enhances the system, incorporating different bags that seamlessly combine into a robust luggage system, providing unparalleled storage options for adventure riders and campers alike. Immerse yourself in an experience with the innovative Viking Odyssey Luggage System. This cutting-edge luggage solution effortlessly blends performance, technology, and convenience, promising an extraordinary adventure for riders seeking the perfect harmony of form and function.

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