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Viking Survival Series Motorcycle Tank Bag Review - Jessica Anderson

Viking Survival Series Motorcycle Tank Bag Review - Jessica Anderson

The Viking Survival Series Motorcycle Tank Bag has a large bottom compartment, two smaller top pockets, plastic D rings and detachable padded shoulder straps to convert it into a backpack, a clear map or GPS pocket on top that still allows for touchscreen, a super strong four-magnet mounting system, and a cable port of headphones. It is made from Cordura (1600 D ballistic fabric and is double stitched at the seam. It is weather resistant but a rain cover is also included for added protection. It is priced at $69.95 normally but is currently on sale for $54.99.

1. Size

This is the largest tank bag Viking carries at 1044 cubic inches of storage space. It measures 8" x 14.5" x 9" and is approximately 1.3 pounds. It has universal fitment and fit my sportster tank well. The pockets were large enough to carry sunglasses, camera, mini-flashlight, map, small multi-tool, medicines, snacks and water, gloves, toll money and much more. I had no issues pulling out my GoPro while riding.

2. Attachment/detachment

This bag has a magnetic base that is easy to mount and remove, making it perfect for the commuter or running errands. Just grab it and go. It leaves no mounting straps or hardware behind when you remove it, and mounts in a second with 4 super strong magnetic flaps on each side which worked great with my metal sportster tank. I was paranoid that they may not hold at high speed or wind but they held great and I never once had a scare. This bag is also great for long trips were you need extra space and easily accessible items.

However, the magnets used for these bags are very powerful and potentially could wipe out info on your ID or credit card's magnetic stripe so be careful placing these items. Also it is important that you keep each magnet's mounting surface perfectly clean, any one of them could scratch the paint on your bike's gas tank.

3. Unique features

What I love about this bag is that it can be converted into backpack with plastic D rings and clips and removable shoulder straps. The plastic window pouch can display your phone or GPS screen and still allows for touchscreen use while keeping out of wind and rain. The cable Port for headphones is convenient for listening to music or GPS commands.

Also the zipper pulls with rings in them will allow you to put a small padlock on them, like airplane luggage if you want extra security but the whole bag is easily removed by lifting it off the tank if you have not done any additional securing.

4. Conclusion

Over all this is a great bag. I wish the plastic window pocket was bigger so my phone would fit and I wish I didn’t have to take it on and off every time I have to get gas but I can see using this for short trips around town where I don’t want to pull out and secure a sissy bar or saddle bag. I can also see using this on long trips for extra storage where I need to have some items readily available.

5. Pros:

  • Universal design
  • Very spacious
  • A convenient, easy-to-reach place to carry your gear and accessories for every day riding
  • Ridiculously easy mounting and detachment
  • Price

6. Cons:

  • The plastic window pocket does not fit my larger phone (6in screen)
  • Needing to detach the bag or otherwise move it aside to expose your bike's gas cap every time you fill up
  • Can be a bit large when fully loaded and may get in your way or make your bike unwieldy (especially if you have had a tank lift like me)

This product has been reviewed by " Jessica Anderson" and she love to promote her sponsor Motorcycle Generation as they take care of her all the biker needs and if you want to know more about her you can CLICK HERE

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