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Top 10 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

Top 10 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

Are you thinking about buying a motorcycle? Good for you! If you still aren’t quite sure, here are the top 10 reasons you should ride a motorcycle.

1. Riding a motorcycle gives you style

Leather never goes out of style and it is always sexy. Sure, you wear your leathers for protection, but you also get fashion points. Leather allows you to move freely, it’s windproof and fairly waterproof, you can peel of layers as needed and yet the entire time you look sexy!

Riding a motorcycle gives you style

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2. Women Love Tough Guys

It’s no secret, girls like tough guys and what could qualify better than riding a motorcycle. There’s a macho thing – a bit of a bad boy quality – that goes with riding a bike and that’s really sexy.

Women Love Tough Guys

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3. A Road Trip on a Bike is Romantic and Sexy

There’s something about a road trip with a partner that makes you feel young and sexy again – like a teenager. There’s no question that it’s romantic. Pack light and enjoy your trip.

A Road Trip on a Bike is Romantic and Sexy

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4. Meet New People

Riding a motorcycle tends to stereotype you. But the truth is you will meet all kinds of new people. You’ll make new friends to enjoy fun and adventures with and you’ll love the great conversations you get to have.

Meet New People

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5. Riding a Motorcycle Will Keep You Young

Motorcycle riding can be addictive. The social component certainly is exciting but so is the ride itself. It seem that those who ride stay younger longer and more open to what the world has to offer. Perhaps it is because they don’t get into a rut like other people do.

Riding a Motorcycle Will Keep You Young

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6. Motorcycles are Liberating

There a feeling of freedom that comes from motorcycle riding. Cars cage you in, while motorcycle free you. They are ever so liberating. Things look differently on a bike. You are out in the elements connecting with nature and your environment.

Motorcycles are Liberating

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7. Enjoy the Adrenaline Rush

There’s so much about a bike that’s sexy and then there’s all that energy that will get your heart pumping and your adrenaline flowing.

Enjoy the Adrenaline Rush

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8. Connect With Nature

There’s nothing like cruising down the open road. A trip through the mountains or along the coast – enjoy what nature has to offer. There are plenty of places to stay along the way and enjoy a few more days in the beauty of your surroundings. Of course, it depends on what your timeframe looks like.

Connect With Nature

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9. Experience a Cool Burnout

We aren’t talking about the kind of burnout that occurs when you work too hard. No, this is the cool burnout that you always dreamed of. You have your front brake on to stop your bike from moving and then with the bike in gear you make your back tire spin. It will start smoking and be really loud, which is so cool.

Experience a Cool Burnout

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10. It Will Keep You Real

Your bike will keep you grounded and more approachable. Seems that those guys that ride bikes are very real and down to earth.

There you have it – 10 good reasons why you should ride a motorcycle.

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