Motorcycle Gifts

The Ultimate Motorcycle Gift

The Ultimate Motorcycle Gift

Christmas is just days away and at this point, anything you purchase online will not be delivered on time. Yet, you still want to get a motorcycle-related gift, what gives? Well, have you thought of a gift certificate? Viking Bags offers gift certificates at many different denominations so you can still get someone that motorcycle gift they’ve been wanting.

Gift certificates are available for $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, & $400. Below are just a few examples of what you can get within those price points. Unfortunately, $25 is not going to get you much outright BUT it is still a nice gift that they can turn around and use towards the purchase of anything they’d like to get. If you’re set of getting a gift, our new Enduro Fender bag fits the bill and is priced right under the $25 price point. This bag is perfect for anyone who doesn’t always like traveling on paved roads and has the right motorcycle for it.

By adding an additional $25, your $50 gift certificate will get you much more. In fact, your gift certificate recipient can now purchase chrome turn signal relocation kits, tank bags, tool bags, and even full blown sissy bar bags like our Dagr sissy bar bag. In fact, we currently have 13 different tool bag options to choose from, think about the different possibilities you’ll now have at just $50.

A $100 gift certificate will allow your gift recipient to now get swing arm bags or solo bags, a bigger selection of sissy bar bags, and even saddlebags. Step up to our $200 gift certificate and you’ll be able to purchase, or gift, 75% of all of the saddlebags we have listed on our website. Depending on the bike your friend owns, that can be up to 30 different saddlebag designs. If you’re feeling nice this Christmas, our $400 gift certificate will allow your friend to purchase 99% of everything on our website. There are only a select few saddlebags that cost more than that, but even then, you’re talking about hundreds of different options to choose from.

A gift certificate has gotten a bad rap over the years but know that the right gift certificate can still make someone happy, specially if it’s a Viking Bags gift certificate. Of course, you still have to act fast, but we’ll still be able to deliver that gift certificate in time. Why? Well when you purchase your gift certificate, it we automatically send it to your friend’s email inbox so they get it right away.

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