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Let’s hear it for the Girls! - You Find More Women Motorcycle Riders than Ever Today

Let’s hear it for the Girls! - You Find More Women Motorcycle Riders than Ever Today

When you are driving your car or motorcycle down the road each day, you may take a quick glance at the other drivers on the road with you and notice the bikes out on the highway. While you see a lot of male riders around, as is quite usual, you will also see today that there are more women motorcycle riders than there has ever been in the past. Over the last twenty years or so, the number of women that own their own bikes and ride regularly has grown quite steadily. This has caused manufacturers to take a greater notice of the shift and market and create bikes and accessories more for women.

Let’s hear it for the Girls! - You Find More Women Motorcycle Riders than Ever Today

1. Overcoming Fears and Obstacles

More women today have overcome the obstacles that were more prominent in the past when it came to bike ownership and riding. Women today have a better financial standing than many have had in previous years, giving them the income and stability they may have needed in order to own a bike. In the past, there may have been more of a social stigma attached to a woman riding a bike on her own. It was something that may have been frowned upon by many in society as people may have thought that women are not strong enough to control a bike and it would not be safe for them. This perception has changed over the years and women are much more confident when it comes to owning a bike and riding, causing the increase in numbers seen today.

Overcoming Fears and Obstacles

2. Getting Started

For many women, the big holdup may have always been being unsure about just where to start when it comes to riding. Just like anyone else, training classes can be the perfect place to start to learn all of the controls and skills needed in order to ride a bike safely. Once you begin to learn and start to practice the skills needed, your confidence naturally starts to grow in controlling in operating a motorcycle, making you much more comfortable in riding. This, along with learning about the different bikes and the different safety concerns and accessories needed, all work towards getting the right start towards regular riding.

Getting Started

Many women that ride regularly say the experience gives them a feeling of empowerment that they may not have had previously. Feeling themselves riding and in control provides elevated feelings of confidence, accomplishment and pride, all of which can translate over into other parts of their lives to make them better overall. As more women continue to have positive experiences in riding, more are likely to join the forces of motorcycle riding and the numbers will just keep on growing. This will help to lead to more changes taking place in the industry to appeal to the growing numbers, providing greater options and choices that riders can make in their bikes and accessories to make riding even more fun.

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