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Istvan Puskas Introduces Wood Made Motorcycle

Istvan Puskas Introduces Wood Made Motorcycle

What are the most common feels of a motorcyclist when riding through the towns or cruising on a highway? Riders, especially in the United States, can easily think of few basic things such as steel, chrome, leather and some other forms of material used to build their bike, riding gear and accessories. As all these are very common things associated with bikes and bikers, but a rider from Hungarian, Istvan Puskas thought little different and pulled out building a motorcycle from wood. Doesn’t it sound cool?

The even coolest thing is that Istvan’s wooden chopper isn’t just made to put into a museum, it fully functional. It isn’t for the very first time that someone has attempted to build a motorcycle using material other than usual, and there have been some efforts in the past too, as an Asian built one out of Popsicle Sticks.

You must be wondering if Istvan was not just able to buy for him any conventional motorcycle, or he just got passionate about his idea. Whatever his intentions were, one thing is for sure that he has been able to get almost everyone attracted towards him, as he rolls down the road on his wooden chopper. It must have made him feeling like a star, as wherever he goes, he drives other’s attention. He’s done a great job, so he deserves to be recognized and appreciated.

It took Istvan two years to complete his wooden bike; he used weather protected black locust and acacia wood. It must have been extremely difficult to use an engine and fuel tank while keeping the concept of wood manufacturing true. He used a gasoline engine to empower his machine, and a wooden wine barrel was used to serve gas tank purpose.

Cow horns were used to make exhaust and handlebar pipes, so they aren’t going to give a usual flashy chrome look. Taking motor expanse out of the equation, it just cost him $200 to build his dream chopper. Istvan’s vehicle can go up to a speed of 17.5 mph, which is very handy for a small village like Hungarian. However, low suspension system undermines his bike for long road experience. Nonetheless, he deserves to be admired for his craftsman.

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