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Interesting Facts about Bikes & Bikers

Interesting Facts about Bikes & Bikers

Biking is inspiring for countless people around the globe. We all love bikes and get fascinated by biking. But there are some interesting facts about bikes and bikers which most of us are not aware of. Let’s check out these interesting facts.

We all are updated with latest inventions in the world of bikes, but do you know that the first ever practical motorcycle bike was built by a German inventor named Gottlieb Daimler in the year 1885.

Speed lovers are found in the whole world. We all desire to drive at the fastest speed and wish to buy high speed bikes. But did you ever think that who was the first biker to ride at fastest speed and which bike was that? Don Vesco was the first rider to go over 300mph on 1496cc Yamaha-engine streamliner in the year 1975.

Harley-Davidson the dream bike that is the fantasy of millions around the globe. The features and designs and shapes manufactured by Harley-Davidson are unique and amazing. But do you know when the first Harley Davidson was built and with what it was built? The first Harley-Davidson motorcycle was manufactured using tomato can for carburetor in the year 1903.

Parking issues are present everywhere in the world. Number of cars is growing constantly worldwide which is creating severe traffic and parking problems. Are you aware of the fact that how much place a car occupies and how much bike does for parking? Around eight bikes or motorcycles can be par ked in the same place which is occupied just by one car.

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