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Harley’s New Electric Bike, The Livewire

Harley’s New Electric Bike, The Livewire

Harley Davidson has shaken things up once again by introducing an electric bike. While the bike is still almost 2 years away from going into production. The hardcore HD purists are shaking their heads in disgust. Harley Davidson’s CEO Matt Levatich, Stated that he hopes to see the next younger generation of Harley Riders enjoy the electric bike. The bike comes with rechargeable batteries that can offer a little bit over 100 miles of travel with full charge. As far as the engine on the new bike, it will sound just like a new jet engine. Exciting stuff, in this crazy new age of technology and battery powered vehicles. While many people don’t believe too much in the future of electric powered motorcycles, they haven’t been around long enough to judge whether or not it’ll catch on. Younger riders are more aware and conscious of environmental issues and climate change, which is why Harley Davidson decided to do this surprise project. While the battery charge isn’t meant to take you very far, the Livewire was built to demonstrate the battery technology available at this time. The CEO promised that over time, the battery will become much more efficient.

Harley Davidson has been slowly changing out their reputation to accommodate a growing number of younger motorcycle riders. This new generation has the money and funds to purchase these new motorcycles and Harley Davidson has noticed this new opportunity in the market. With Hybrid Automotive companies like Tesla & Fisker enjoying great sales and high popularity, it’s no wonder that Harley Davidson has decided to try it’s hand at a electric Motorcycle. Who knows, it might even be the future.

HDUSA has started slowly shifting and efforts away from what it’s traditionally long been known for. Harley Davidson has been known for it’s large displacement heavy motorcycles that have long been associated with American Patriotism and other things. Today, They’ve changed their strategy and slowly diversified their Motorcycle offerings. They just released two smaller displacement ( 750cc and 500cc ) cruisers this year.

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