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Harley Davidson Low Rider ST: Detailed Specs, Performance Review, and Features

Harley Davidson Low Rider ST: Detailed Specs, Performance Review, and Features
2023 Harley Davidson Low Rider ST
Photo credit: @Harley Davidson

1. Detailed Specs: 2023 Harley Davidson Low Rider ST

2023 Harley Davidson Low Rider ST Specs
Year Model 2023
Manufacturer Harley Davidson
Model Harley Davidson Softail Low Rider ST FXLRST
Motorcycle Type Cruiser
Introduced in 2022
Base Price $22,199
Seat Height 27 in
Wet Weight 721 lbs
Dry Weight 694 lbs
Ground Clearance 5.9 in
Wheelbase 63.6 in
Length 93.1 in
Trail 5.7 in
Rake 28°
Fuel Tank Capacity 5 gal
Displacement 117 cu in (1,917 cc)
Engine Type Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin Engine
Engine Cooling Air-Cooled
Stroke 4.5 in
Bore 4.075 in
Compression Ratio 10.2:1
Exhaust Separate, Two-Into-Two Exhaust Pipes
Mufflers Separate Dual Shotgun, Catalyst in Mufflers
Fuel Delivery System Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Horsepower 105 hp at 5,020 rpm
Torque 169.48 Nm at 3,500 rpm
Top Speed 120 mph
Fuel Mileage 47 mpg
Lean Angle Right: 31.3° Left: 31.3°
Transmission Six-Speed
Clutch Multi-Plate Clutch with Diaphragm Spring in Oil Bath
Final Drive Belt Drive
Frame Mil-Steel Tubular Frame
Material Radiate Cast-Aluminum Wheels
Finish Matte Dark Bronze
Front Wheel Diameter 19 in
Rear Wheel Diameter 16 in
Tire Brand Michelin Scorcher "31" Front and Rear
Front Tire 110/90B19,62H,BW
Rear Tire 180/70B16,77H,BW
Front Brake Dual Discs, Four-Piston, Fixed Caliper Brake
Rear Brake Two-Piston Floating Caliper Brake
ABS Standard
Front Suspension 43 mm Inverted Front Fork with a Single Cartridge
Wheel Travel 130 mm (5.12 in)
Rear Suspension Hydraulic Preload Adjustable Coil-Over Mono-Shock
Wheel Travel 112 mm (4.4 in)
Tech Package and Features
ABS Standard
Cruise Control Standard
Traction Control Depends on Availability
Fairing Frame-Mounted
Hard Saddlebags Standard
Air Vents
Windscreen Fairing-Mounted
LCD Display 2.14-inch Screen
Trip Meter
Fuel Level Indication
Gear Level

2. A Brief Background of the Harley Low Rider ST

The Harley Davidson Softail Low Rider ST FXLRST is an evolution of the Harley Low Rider, which became known to the motorcycling community in 2016 as the Harley Dyna Low Rider S. In 2017, the company ditched the Dyna platform completely and replaced it with the all-new Softail series. This new Softail model consisted of a hidden rear shock below the rider’s seat to provide the motorcycle with a hardtail look.

Later, as Harley Davidson started tweaking their base models to build more bulkier and powerful versions, the Harley Low Rider ST was launched in 2022. This motorcycle is considered to be the touring version of Harley’s top-end sporty cruiser, the Harley Low Rider S. The ST on the Harley Low Rider ST stands for “Standard Touring”. However, both these models are almost identical to each other, except for a few differences that make these motorcycles perform in a different way.

3. The Honest Review: Harley Davidson Low Rider ST

3.1 Handling and Maneuverability

The Harley Low Rider ST may not be the quickest and most responsive motorcycle when it comes to cornering and handling. However, considering its heavyweight cruiser class, it performs remarkably well. The long-stroke suspensions allow for better leaning and turning around the corners.

3.2 Performance

The Harley Davidson Low Rider ST’s Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine sees only a 3 cc increase from the previous generation Harley Low Rider S. You may not be impressed with how this big V-twin engine revs and produces acceleration. However, the most notable aspect regarding this 3 cc increase in its engine size is the loads of low-end torque it produces, which keeps the motorbike running smoothly on long-distance tours.

3.3 Rumble

If you are a true Harley Davidson fan, you may not like the repressed sound that the stock separate dual exhaust pipes produce. Most motorcycle enthusiasts, therefore, install aftermarket exhaust pipes to keep the true Harley Davidson vibe alive. Nevertheless, the Softail Low Rider ST’s stock exhaust pipes are one of the most good-looking parts installed on this motorcycle.

3.4 Comfort Level

The seat height is ideally designed for shorter riders, allowing them to easily operate the Low Rider ST with both their feet touching the ground when stopped. However, if you are too short, the handlebars may be slightly out of reach, especially when turning the motorcycle. The handlebars come with reasonably taller risers, providing a reasonably higher arm position. You may have to sit slightly closer to the gas tank if you are a shorter rider.

Talking about the legroom, Harley motorcycles, like the Low Rider ST, that come with a mushroom-style air breather installed between the twin cylinders and facing the air restrict the legroom available on a motorcycle. The foot controls are somewhere between forward and mid-mounted positions, leaving adequate room for riders to adjust their legs. If you are a taller rider with larger limbs, you may need to make modifications to the Harley Low Rider ST by replacing the mushroom-style air breather blocking the riders’ legs and shifting the foot controls forward.

3.5 Tech Package

The Harley Low Rider ST is a basic motorcycle with only ABS as a standard safety feature. As mentioned on Harley Davidson’s website, they may not be able to include the traction control feature if it is not available. The cruise control is also a standard feature on this motorbike and together with the easily-removable high-mounted hard saddlebags, the Low Rider ST makes a perfect light touring bike.

The gas tank-mounted gauges are replaced with a small digital screen integrated into the handlebars, allowing the rider to stay comfortably informed during the ride without getting distracted.

3.6 Value for the Money

The $22,199 price tag can make you think twice if you are thinking of buying the Harley Low Rider ST. One can probably think of saving thousands of dollars by opting for another decent cruiser from another brand, even if it is not as powerful as the Low Rider ST. However, if you are a Harley Davidson fan, you know what you are getting in return. The aesthetics, class, old-school vibe, unmistakable fit and finish, and metal parts are what make the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST a good value for the money.

4. What Makes the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST So Special?

4.1 Uniqueness

Due to its straightforward performance and elegance, the Harley Low Rider ST quickly gained popularity among both novice and expert riders. Its decent features and ergonomics make it stand out in the Harley Davidson cruiser series.

As its name implies, the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST is a lower-to-the-ground motorbike with a low center of gravity and seat height. It strikes the ideal balance between a long-distance touring bike and a sporty cruiser by fusing the attributes of both types of motorcycles.

4.2 Redesigned Fairing

Although the frame, design, gas tank, engine, and other notable parts are taken from the Harley Low Rider S, its uniqueness lies in its specially designed frame-mounted fairing. Unlike the conventional batwing and shark nose fairings, it is not as huge but still offers optimal wind protection, thanks to the several air vents located on the fairing. The tinted windscreen incorporated with the fairing also ensures distraction-free rides on highways and wide roads.

The fairing may look big from the front but Harley decided not to incorporate the infotainment system, speakers, and LCD to keep the motorbike simple and focus more on the performance department. Concerning its real job of blocking wind gusts to hit the rider’s body and face, the fairing installed on the Harley Low Rider ST does the work nicely to ensure the rider stays comfortable during the ride.

4.3 Eye-Catching Look

The 2023 Harley Low Rider ST is not part of the modern Harley Davidson lineup but it still manages to make a mark in the market with its old-school impression. This motorbike has everything that a Harley Davidson fan expects from a Harley motorcycle. The motorcycle is completely blacked out with only a few chrome touches. To make the Harley Low Rider ST stand apart, the stylish nine-spoke wheels are painted in a matte bronze color. Overall, the Harley Low Rider ST is a perfectly balanced motorcycle with no extra and out-of-proportion parts.

4.4 Mighty Milwaukee-Eight 117

On top of the specs list, there is a massive 117 cu in Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, powering the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST. The iconic Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-twin engine drives the rear wheel through a six-speed manual transmission and quiet belt drive. The 1917 cu in M-8 engine has the ability to push the Harley Low Rider ST for long miles continuously without failure. The V-twin power plant generates a generous horsepower of 77.23 kW at 5,020 rpm, ensuring a top speed of above 120 mph. An ample torque of around 170 Nm at 3,500 rpm makes the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST a stunning tourer with the ability to keep the wheel rotating in almost every touring condition. Despite being equipped with one of the largest Milwaukee-Eight engines, it does not compromise on its fuel economy, ensuring a fuel mileage of 47 mpg.

4.5 High-Mounted Hard Saddlebags

The stock hard saddlebags installed in the Harley Low Rider ST are made compact and lightweight. They are easily removable if you want to enjoy a stripped-down cruiser look and riding experience. You can have the full view of the rear wheel even with the saddlebags installed. These saddlebags are high-mounted to make the motorbike lean further around the corners.

4.6 Tires Profile

The Harley Davidson Low Rider ST, as marketed, is a blend of a sports-style cruiser and a light tourer. To accentuate its unique characteristics and class, it comes with a fat and wide rear tire, providing the rider with the confidence to rev faster on open straight roads. Meanwhile, to ensure its competitive cornering ability, the front wheel is a bit larger, wrapped around a narrow tire. Both the front and rear tires are from Michelin Scorcher to ensure durability and performance.

4.7 Fast Johnnie Edition

The optional Fast Johnnie paint job may look attractive to you but the additional $1,900 for that is a huge ask. However, the 1960s and 1970s muscle cars’ inspired paint job can give your motorcycle a vibrant and custom look.

4.8 Solo Seat

The Harley Davidson Low Rider ST may not have the lowest seat height in its category, but it is low enough for most of the shorter riders out there looking for a decent and stylish ride. The dip in the rider’s seat not only ensures a low seat height of 27 inches but also provides an adequate amount of lower back support for the rider to stay relaxed on long rides. The tuck-and-roll solo rider seat is also well-padded to prevent riders from getting fatigued while touring.

Considering the high price tag and powerful specs, you may not want to use the Harley Low Rider ST for solo rides only. You can always install an aftermarket saddle for a comfortable two-up riding experience.

4.9 Color Options and Cost: Harley Davidson Low Rider ST

Color Option Model Cost
Vivid Black $22,199
White Sand Pearl $22,199
Fast Johnnie $24,099

5. Takeaway

The Harley Davidson Low Rider ST is undoubtedly the most sophisticated motorcycle in the Harley lineup with the capabilities of both sporty cruiser and light tourer. The removable saddlebags can easily come off with only a small effort if you want to enjoy a stripped-down riding experience on highways and open roads. The 117 cu in Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin is big and powerful, and aesthetically, it makes the motorcycle look quite attractive. The engine produces ample low-end and mid-range torque for a smooth touring experience.

Overall, the Harley Low Rider ST is good for city traveling and light touring, thanks to the stock fairing, integrated windscreen, saddlebags, and comfortable seat. In case you wish to make it a perfect touring machine, Viking Bags brings you the best-quality touring-oriented motorcycle parts, including highway bars, backrests, sissy bars, new seats, handlebars, tank bags, trunk bags, and backpacks.

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