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Finding your bike laid down..

Finding your bike laid down..

Finding your bike laid down

How many of you would be infuriated seeing someone sitting on your bike after coming out of a meal or after a hard day of work? I know many of my buddies wouldn’t be able to keep their composure after seeing someone to hop on your bike without permission.

Anyone who watches Sons of Anarchy (the show is finally back!) will remember the scene where Jax comes out of a bar and sees someone on his bike. What goes on to happen is what we call a thorough ass kicking. Not only that, Jax takes his girl as well. We know this isn’t TV land and you can’t dish out beatings to every curious idiot who sits on your bike. Now, if you’re anything like us and don’t like anyone messing with your stuff except for yourself. It’ll be easy to understand why it makes us so upset. Our hard earned dollars in the form of a motorcycle with engine, are being violated by a stranger. People who have no respect for other people’s belongings are really the scum of the earth.

Some riders might say “I don’t mind people sitting on my bike, I like to share the joy of owning a bike”. I’m sure most of us don’t have any problem with letting children and people have a seat on our bike with proper permission. There are different risks associated with idle bikes. Every bikers worst nightmare is coming back to their bike on the side. Whether you accidentally parked on hot asphalt or someone was messing with your bike. The damage will be done. Certain exotic bikes have the suicide kickstands which automatically go up on movement. A non rider would be confused by this and could end up laying your bike down. The quick impromptu photoshoot has now turned into a disaster with the bike leaking out. The risk of an inexperienced rider injuring themselves is also very great.

Ways to prevent this type of scenario..are few and none. However, you can invest in a motorcycle alarm with 2-way pager. This will alert you every time there’s any movement. Another much more cost effective way to combat this problem is to install a motorcycle cover when you’re parked. This also helps protect your paint and keep your bike clean. It won’t save your bike from getting knocked down the lady who doesn’t look when she’s reversing, but it’ll definitely help overall.

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