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Featured Riders – Toni & Scotte from Lovin America

Featured Riders – Toni & Scotte from Lovin America

Meet, Toni and Scotte. They’ve ridden tens of thousands of miles between them since they hopped on two wheels and have no plans to turn back. We always love to shout out our fellow bikers and they’re the perfect example of a happy riding couple. Cheers!

Featured Riders – Toni & Scotte from Lovin America

1. How long have you been riding?

Toni –- about five years and roughly 35,000 miles (so far – we anticipate at least another 15K before the end of September).

Scotte – My father was a bit of a biker when I was a kid. He had this Hodaka Super Rat dirt bike and later a chopped Triumph Bonneville. My first bike, in 1981, was a ‘76 Kawi KZ450. I remember when my step dad bought a KZ750 later and we were joking a bit that no one really needed a bike that big. Now, I’m riding a 103 cu in (1690cc.) I didn’t ride when the kids were growing up, I didn’t ride at all, but started again after my father died and I inherited his -05 Harley Sportster. I don’t see ever stopping again.

2. How many bikes have you owned?

Toni – I was averaging about a bike a year, four bikes in this order: a 2005 Suzuki Blvd C50 (big change from the Honda Rebel 250 from my class), 2008 Honda VTX 1300, 2007 Honda Shadow Phantom, and 2008 Harley Softail. The plan is for the Harley to be my last bike. … at least that’s my plan.

Scotte – The Kawi, Sportster, Honda VTX1300 and VTX1800. Now, I ride a 2014 Harley Road King FLHC.

3. What is your current bike? (and which was your favorite? Why? Any bike in particular that you DISLIKE? )

Toni – My 2008 Harley Softail, and is currently my favorite. It’s cliche, but it’s my fav because it is both a Harley and my first Harley. After the Suzy Beast (the Suzuki), the top-heavy VTX (totaled that and shattered my collarbone on Golden Gate Canyon Road, Golden, Colorado. Note to self, gravel and blind curves are not my friends.) I have to admit though, for curvy roads, that little Shadow Phantom out-performed my Harley Softail. The downside is that it does not perform as well at sustained higher speeds. I put several thousand miles on my bike in-city each year, but the majority of miles are racked up on long distance rides. My Softail is perfect for those. Comfy, powerful, and still loves the curves!

Scotte – A whisky-colored 2014 Harley Road King with Basani 2-in-1 exhaust and Screaming Eagle package. I’m rather fond of it. I did enjoy the VTX1800, though. It was the semi-truck of motorcycles, but purred on long highways. I’ve liked them all for what they were, really. Every bike has its own riding story if you let it.

4. What’s your dream bike and or next bike? Do you enjoy any vintage bikes like café racers and restoration?

Toni – After five short years, I have neither ridden or test ridden enough different styles to be able to answer this with any authority. I love the look and have heard amazing things about the Indian Chief Classic. I’m not a big fan of café racers – I just can’t get comfortable on them. Again, a bit biased, as most of my miles are long distance. I enjoy other’s vintage bikes and restoration, and although I love home repair, restoration, and building… not so much on my bike. Currently looking for a mechanic who would be willing to show me some basic maintenance on my Harley… preferably a female… know anyone?

Scotte – I’m definitely a Road King lover. I don’t like heavy faring and too much clutter up front for cross-country riding. That and a Street Glide for in town would be about right.

What’s your dream bike and or next bike? Do you enjoy any vintage bikes like café racers and restoration

5. Would you ride a different type of bike, i.e. a sportbike since you have a cruiser? Especially since you enjoy traveling a lot.

Toni – With the distance travel, I’m pretty happy with my cruiser. Now, if someone wanted to give me a sport bike or café racer, I would certainly give it a try.

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