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Construction of Viking Motorcycle Saddlebags

Construction of Viking Motorcycle Saddlebags

PRODUCT #: CHAR-051-PL, CHAR-051-S, CHAR-050-PL, CHAR-050-S

1. Super Reinforced Motorcycle Luggage:

At Viking Bags we do not believe in reinforcement of saddlebags like other companies. We want to guarantee that the bags will never ever sag even a little bit. That is why we first make hard bodies and lids, and attach them with a hinge. It is only then the external leather bags are constructed around it. This process is certainly costly and takes more time, but it enables us to create a truly shape retaining saddlebags that will never sag.

2. Full metal frame:

In addition to the hard body the bagsare further strengthened by a complete Metal frame that is powder coated in black.

3. Heavy duty rust proof buckles:

Viking bags buckles are the best in the industry. If you look at most of our competitors they do not have a buckle on their saddlebag. If they do they use paper thin belt buckle. Viking Bags has developed Rust Proof Polish stainless steel chrome buckles that makes your bags look better and Beefier than any other Motorcycle Saddlebags out there. The Best Part is that these bags Match the chrome on your bike and compliment your bike in a unique way. We pay extreme attention to details and you will certainly notice this one.

4. The back Of the Saddlebags:

Back is the most important part of Construction quality. We use 3-4 mm thick ABS plastic on the saddlebag’s back. The back is stitched (use a special Heavy duty Machine) as well as riveted to the body of the bags. Please do not forget our bags already have a hard body. This addition to the back Make them super Reinforced. All the thread used in this process is Root proof and extremely durable.

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