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Bikes, Dads, and Viking Bags

Bikes, Dads, and Viking Bags

Bikes, Dads, and Viking Bags

Father’s day is just around the corner. Have you decided what you’re going to do with your dad? Have you thought about what you will get him that will show him how much you care on his special day this year? If you and your dad share the love of the open road and cruisers, and you both like the wind in your face, then maybe the best gift you can get dad is to take a ride together and dropping him a gift from Viking Rags.

1. Many Places to Ride

There are many different places no matter where you live at that are a great ride. Everybody is a little bit different when it comes to riding. Perhaps you would like to take a slowdown and drive through some back country roads together. Others enjoy riding the cities where everybody sees you. In the city you are in the heart of all the action. Then there are the interstates and highways where you can really open up the throttle and feel the power that you prefer. It does not matter as long as you’re riding together on father’s day. HarleyDavidson, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Victory, Triumph, or Indian…it doesn’t matter as long as you get out there and ride with father this Fathers Day.

2. Popular Spots to Cruise the Open Roads

The great thing about any of these options is that they are all there for you in every state no matter where you live. If you and your dad are Vols and happen to live in Tennessee, perhaps you should take a ride along the Tail of the Dragon .

Another popular riding destination has been historic Route 66, no matter the type of motorcycle ride. No matter when it is or where you choose to pick up historic Route 66, it has that special spot from yester-year. It might even take you and dad back to those times of yester-year when you were riding your first motorcycle or trike. Route 66 stretches across the United States from Chicago to Los Angeles and chances are you’re just a short ride to connect to and ride on this historic highway.

Popular Spots to Cruise the Open Roads

3. Fathers,Sonsand Their Bikes

In all honesty it doesn’t really matter where you and your dad ride to on this father’s day. Just spend the day with your dad. Enjoy it, it’s his special day. After all he’s half the reason you’re here. Be thankful that your dad rides a bike like you do and that you two can enjoy the open road on your motorcycles rather than a minivan. With father’s day right around the corner, pick a destination and make plans to ride there this weekend.

4. Viking Bags Has What You Need

If you want to make that ride with dad a little extra special go online and check out our luggage selection. We have lots of different options for most motorcycles so we’re bound to have something for either your ride or your fathers, more than likely we’ll have plenty for both. This father’s day fire up the bikes and throw away your watches, forget about time. Spend it with the man that is most important in your life, your dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

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