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Angry fools on the Freeway

Angry fools on the Freeway

We’ve all experienced random cases of road rage. Whether you’re inside a car or actually riding your beautiful chrome beast. You’ve felt someones anger directed at yourself. Sometimes it could be just somebody vocally expressing their anger at you, other times it can be someone running you off the road. Either way it’s an unnecessary escalation of our daily commute that doesn’t need to happen. Most cases end up with both parties emerging unscathed, but furious with anger. Seeing a case of road rage like this is quite infuriating because it puts the lives of all riders at risk. If you notice at the beginning of the actual video, you’ll be able to see a rider who ends up in the middle of this case of severe road rage. The driver clearly endangers the lives of everyone on the highway with him. It’s ridiculous how irresponsible and careless the driver is being. Many times with cases like these, and believe us it’s very common.. You would just need to swallow your ego and pull over before someone gets really hurt. The general hardest thing to deal with is the scary thought in the moment that you truly be harmed.

Angry fools on the Freeway

Whenever you feel that you might be a victim of road rage or any type of vehicular violence, we recommend that you pull over and cool down. We can all admit that we’ve been the aggressor once or twice in our lifetime, and it’s very important to remember that we are all just human. Mistakes can happen, just like temporary lapses in our judgments. We have to remember to always cool down and learn to let things go. You have to remember that when it comes to our bikes versus a cager, the bike is going to lose every single time. A good example of this, is the Alex Lein case in Manhattan. The widely publicized and followed case where a Family in a Range Rover was followed, harassed and attacked by members of a motorcycle group.. ended up in tragedy with a biker paralyzed and half a dozen arrests.

Just some quick tips to avoid road rage-

  • Don’t participate, motioning, speaking, or even acknowledging the angry driver can cause things to quickly escalate, simply ignore them and try to let them pass you.
  • If the first step doesn’t work, try to apologize. It’s hard to stay mad at someone when they’re sincerely apologizing
  • Lastly, if nothing else works, Pull over. There’s nothing wrong with pulling over. You don’t have to be a tough guy, remember that it’s your life at stake here, you don’t want to escalate the confrontation. If you have to, swallow your pride and call the police.

Now here are some good examples of how NOT to handle road rage situations…



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