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10 Most Popular Motorcycles of All Time

10 Most Popular Motorcycles of All Time

For some people, love is something with two wheels, handles, and a blaring motor jammed in the center, it’s called, Motorcycles. Motorcycle enthusiasts argue that motorcycles are faster than other motor vehicles and they are more enjoyable to ride.

There have been millions and millions of motorcycles that have been created and released over the decades, but only a few are prominent because of their revolutionary technology and timeless style. It was a difficult task to narrow it down to top 10 popular motorcycles of all time.

1. 2018 BMW R Nine T Pure

The R Nine T Pure is possibly the most looked-for motorbikes in the BMW line. This motorcycle’s cool and sweet looking appearance sells itself. However, it is not a very affordable bike. Catalano Grey is the only color it is accessible in. It retails for $11,995.

2. 1994 Yamaha GTS1000

Yamaha GTS1000 is a sports bike, created for motorcyclists who are fanatic 2 wheelers. The bodywork on this Yamaha model is quite elegant; the one-sided front and end are very dramatic. The GTS1000 was classier and more costly than its competitors, and thus it remains to be a rare view.

3. 1987 Honda CBR250

Appearance wise, the CBR250 might not be a very sweet-looking bike. However, its small aligned-four can rotate to around 20,000, Formula 1 ground, making it one of the coolest bikes ever.

4. 1924 Brough Superior SS100

This model is an all-rounder in terms of quality, engineering, and speed. In its time it was the fastest road bike ever. Its production was stopped because of WW2; it was still high in demand at that time.

5. Yamaha YZF-R7

The Yamaha R7 s was a perfect sports bike that included four-cylinder motor of 749cc. Only 500 were created. It produced only 100 bhp. However, once the fuel injectors were triggered, the bike increased to 135 bhp. The framework is extremely strong, and the engine has around 20 titanium regulators and steel-plated pistons.

6. Ducati Desmosedici RR

This model is a limited invention of the MotoGP bike. Only 1,500 of these were created. Desmodromic had 4 titanium regulators in each cylinder and gear-determined camshafts. The motorcycle made 197 hp at nearly 13,800 rpm.

7. Honda NR

This motorcycle was considered even better than Ferrari. It was a revolutionary design with complete carbon fiber exterior and the exhausts popped underneath the tail unit.

8. 1937 Triumph Speed Twin

Triumph Speed Twin was a smooth, fast and an affordable sportbike. The mastermind behind the model was ex-Ariel creator Edward Turner. It is still loved by hardcore motorbike lovers.

9. Vincent Black Shadow

This is one of the greatest bikes of all time. They were all hand-built. It was popular for being fastest manufacture motorcycle ever in the 60s.

10. 2005 BMW R1200RT

The R1200RT was presented as an R1150RT precursor, with an innovative identical 1170cc engine that provided 15% more power, 30 kgs lesser mass, and the heftiest styling. The bikers admire it for its proficient control, relaxed seats, and great riding spot.


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