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Yamaha-Virago Saddlebags

Yamaha Virago Specific Motorcycle Saddlebags

Yamaha Virago Motorcycle Saddlebags

The last member of the Yamaha motorcycle family is also fitted with a V-twin engine. The Virago is their classic V-twin motorcycle that was first introduced in 1981. Since then, it's gone through many different model updates and changes. Currently, it's no longer in production but there are so many on the second hand market that it's still a widely popular and ridden bike. It's a trusted time proven bike that has many modifications and customizing options available. We love being unique which is why we continue to come up with new styles and variations of our saddlebags. We just added an entire new line of hard saddlebags.

Yamaha Virago Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Yamaha Virago Motorcycle Saddlebags

Yamaha Virago Manufacturer Motorcycle Saddlebag Videos

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Motorcycle Saddlebags for the Yamaha Virago Series

From the extremely reliable 250 V-Twin to the powerhouse 1100, the Yamaha Virago series of motorcycles was one of the greatest lineups the company has ever seen. We understand that owners expect high quality manufacturing and compromising design characteristics when shopping for new Yamaha Virago saddlebags, therefore we've put together this online collection of Viking bags to appease every type of rider. You'll find everything from studded leather bags to secure hard saddlebags here in our store, so shop today and see what you can find!
Riders can choose between a variety of different colors, manufacturing materials and sizes to satiate their luggage appetite. For instance, a classically enthusiastic rider may wish to choose a medium-sized studded pair of leather saddlebags for their around-town travels. Long-distance riders may wish to choose a hard saddlebag for extra durability and security when closed. You should ask yourself what exactly you'll be hauling, where you'll be going and how hard you'll be pushing your motorcycle to get there. We understand that it can be a real challenge to find the right saddlebag that fits all of your specific needs, and that's why we prefer the luggage featured in this Virago saddlebag collection from Viking.
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There are a number of different elements that just don't make rides too enjoyable. No matter how hard it's raining, snowing or hailing, you can rest easy knowing that these Virago saddlebags feature an airtight seal around the perimeter (Velcro strips) and durable materials to withstand all weather conditions. From cowhide leather to Cordura textiles and hard fiberglass, riders can choose which level of protection they need and how they want their saddlebags to look. We make it quite easy to shop using our online catalog, so get browsing today and find your next pair of Virago saddlebags!
Featuring a variety of innovative features throughout this collection of Virago bags, riders will be pleased to discover Viking's own locking mechanism, quick-release buckle system, and Velcro seal around the perimeter and interior pockets found in many of these models. And because these Virago saddlebags were built with a universal design, there's no need to worry if these saddlebags fit your motorcycle. Riders with multiple Virago motorcycles – whether the popular 750 or the beefy 1000 – you can be sure that every saddlebag in this selection is perfect for the job. We've even included free mounting hardware ($100 value) and easy-to-read instructions with every purchase. Riders of all mechanical experience levels will not only be able to quickly mount these saddlebags to their bike, they'll have fun doing so!
We're so confident that you'll be satisfied with your order from us, we're offering a 30-day money back guarantee on every purchase of Yamaha Virago saddlebags. If you're not completely pleased with your order during this initial 30 day period, we'll be happy to exchange for another pair or fully refund your money. Your satisfaction is one of our top priorities, and we don't rest until you're out on the open road!