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Yamaha Raider Motorcycle SaddleBag Guide

Yamaha raider saddlebags guide

The Yamaha Raider, inspired by the first custom chopper movement, is the perfect combination of cruiser styling and performance. First introduced in 2008 under the Star Motorcycles, Yamaha called the Raider a “performance custom,” a bike that has the look and feel of a custom made chopper but with the safe and solid performance of a mainstream bike. The Raider shares its mechanical foundations with the Star Roadliner but is built around a tremendous 113-cubic-inch fuel-injected V-twin engine. Hailed as “2008 Metric Cruiser of the Year” at the V-Twin Expo, the Raider is a powerful yet reliable bike that’s fun to ride and a great price to boot. With this bike under you, the open road and rain or shine beckon for a smooth, stylish ride.

In the same way that the Raider has the look and feel of a custom made bike, here at Viking Bags, we provide Raider owners with the same feel of custom made with a large array of style, fitment, and security options. Whether you’re looking for flash or reliability (or both!), we’re here to offer you the best choices in accessorizing your bike according to your most important needs.



Are you the type of rider who likes people to stop and notice your ride? Do you like the classic look of studded bags, or do you like a less flashy look? Do you like your bags to have classic buckles? Do you want options for how the bags open and whether or not they lock? Would you prefer your bags to fit snugly around the shock or on top?


Is a week’s worth of gear never enough? Are you a daily commuter and need space for your necessities?


Our bags come with the option to be locked or not and our locking bags come with our own Viking Bags key, which we designed in house.


Do you want your bags to easily removable or do you want a more permanent solution?


Bags come in a variety of different styles. Most riders will want the bags that will match best with their bike. The majority of our bags come in two styles, plain or studded. If your bike already has studs, you can keep the theme going by adding a pair of Studded Saddlebags. All Viking Bags studs are rust proof, polished, and stainless steel. Non-studded or Plain bags are very clean themselves and can keep the clean look throughout.

Non Buckle
shock cut out


rc duna plain bag vs studded style

Plain VS. Studded

Yamaha Raider bags come in two options, Studded or Plain. So whether you’re looking for something with a little more flash or something with clean lines and sophisticated style, you’ll find the bag that complements your bike perfectly. Our rustproof, polished, stainless steel studs will give your Raider the combination of storage and good looks that screams motorcycle. If you want a more refined look, however, we also offer a variety of plain bags without studs but with tasteful chrome buckles. And for those of you who don’t want to see any chrome or studs, our Warrior bags will be the perfect storage option for your bike.

buckle vs. nobuckle


With the custom look of the Raider, we understand that some of our owners want bags that reflect the custom style of their bikes; however, if you’re looking for bags that offer you great storage options without all the added flair, our Ultimate and Warrior bag lines are perfect. These two bag models come without any shine or studs.

rc dyna plain back vs shock cutout


Our Standard Bagsfor the Dyna will save you a little on price in most cases, they are typically mounted behind the shock but in front of the turn signals. On the bigger bags, the size of the bags may extend farther back and a turn signal relocation will most likely be necessary. If you chose to get a bigger bag, the ideal thing to do is to use our quick disconnect system as it will push the bag just outside the shock.

rc dyna plain back vs shock cutout

Hard VS. Soft

We also offer bags that are completely blacked out without any buckle. Take a look at our Warrior and Spear bags. They are two options for bags that have no shiny buckles or studs.




As the world’s largest saddlebag manufacturer with years of expertise and superior, quality choices, Viking Bags offers over 200 styles of saddlebags to fit every storage need you might have, large or small. With so many choices, it can sometimes seem overwhelming, so that’s why we’ve designed our website with your unique choices in mind. To help you narrow your search, we’ve added a size filter that allows you to choose the perfect size for your Raider.





With all that time spent on the road, we know that security is important. We offer two options for locking our bags. The first option locks the bags under the buckles and the second option locks from the top. You can also add a padlock to most of our bags for added security. The QDS system is also great for supplementing your locking security options because it’s convenient and simple: You can take the bags off the bike and store them at home or wherever you go on the road. Non-locking bags might be a better fit for your budget and/or storage needs, so we do recommend that you not leave any valuables in these kinds of bags overnight.




Now that you have decided which bag will fit your bike better the next step is to choose the right mounting hardware.

There are 3 types of mounting hardware’s available to you and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1- Quick Disconnect
2- Hard Mount
3- Throw Over

1. Quick Disconnect system
2. Hard mount kit
3. Throw over kit



rc dyna removed qds brackets


At Viking Bags we recommend that any customer using the Quick Disconnect System purchase plain backed bags instead of the Shock Cut Out models (Note: this is only applicable to bikes with shocks). The QDS situates the bags outside the bike an extra two inches, which eliminates the need to contour around the shocks. The QDS system is the ideal companion for those riders who find themselves on the road often and who need the added security of being able to bring the bags inside with them when necessary. This also makes it easy to detach your bags for all cleaning and maintenance needs. One final benefit of this system is the ability to easily remove the bags completely for shorter trips or instances where bags are not needed.

rc dyna hard mount brackets


All Viking Bags come standard with our Hard Mount Kit for a permanent mounting option. This kit is our sturdiest option and one of the most durable of all the Viking Bags mounting options. Although the QDS system is a little more convenient, the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that your bags are a permanent, secure fixture of your Raider is worth the extra effort. You can, however, easily detach this Hard Mount Kit in minutes with the removal of two mounting bolts on each side.

rc dyna throw over brackets


The Throw Over bag, a classic design, is the least secure but the easiest to use. Viking Bags utilizes a simple yoke mounted underneath the seat, connecting the two bags together. With hardware that mounts to each fender, these bags are very easy to secure in place. The Throw Over option is ideal for the Raider owner who might only need temporary storage or who has issues with our more permanent fitment options. The Throw Over kit is only available on our smaller bags, which work with a more flexible mount.








Hopefully you have found this article interesting and helpful. If you are interested in purchasing saddlebags for your Yamaha Raider, you can select which bags you like or browse through our selection on our Yamaha Raider saddlebag page. If you have any questions about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our Motorcycle Luggage Experts will be happy to give you any help they can. For further information, Contact Us