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Victory Vegas Motorcycle Saddlebag Guide

Vegas Saddlebags Guide

Introduced by Victory in 2003, the Vegas, designed by Michael Song, is known for its distinctively bold styling and iconic raised spine. The laid-back style cruiser has been one of the most historic and enduring symbols of Victory’s signature styling scheme. Back then, the first model of the Vegas sported a 92 cubic inch engine and a 5-speed transmission. Performance-wise, the cruiser has never disappointed users, but the styling has remained the true highlight since its release. The Vegas lineup has seen several redesigns over the years, but the defiant and dynamic look has remained a constant with each subsequent iteration of the cruiser. The Vegas’ ground-breaking design makes it a delight for users to strut down the streets while being followed by wistful gazes from bystanders!

The enduring style and iconic design of the Vegas ensures owner loyalty; not wanting to make a switch as the miles keep increasing. We, at Viking Bags, understand the reasons behind such loyalty and bring to you a wide array of saddlebags in various styles and options for your classic machine. Premium saddlebags add a certain elegance to any machine, while providing immense functionality with style. Whether you intend to hang a bag that is bound to turn heads, or just want a no-frills storage option for your motorcycle, our astounding array of options includes all.

When choosing bags for your Vegas, one should keep in mind 4 critical criteria in mind to make certain the choice is appropriate.



On a machine like the Vegas, flair is everything. When considering a saddlebag purchase, decide on what kind of style you will be going for; maybe something flashy? Or perhaps the sleek minimal look is what you prefer? Décor like buckles and studs can also be found on several of our bags if that’s the look you’re going for.


Of course, a saddlebag is meant to store the stuff you might need to carry around with you. Thus, storage space is critical when choosing a bag for your beloved Vegas. Whether you need to store stuff to last a day, or a week, we’ve got what you need.


Our unique and innovative Viking Bags keys guarantee the safety of your stuff inside the saddlebags if you’re looking for bags with locking capability.


Would you prefer mounting the bags permanently on your machine? If not, easily detachable options are available too.


Bags come in a variety of different styles. Most riders will want the bags that will match best with their bike. The majority of our bags come in two styles, plain or studded. If your bike already has studs, you can keep the theme going by adding a pair of Studded Saddlebags. All Viking Bags studs are rust proof, polished, and stainless steel. Non-studded or Plain bags are very clean themselves and can keep the clean look throughout.

Non Buckle
shock cut out


rc duna plain bag vs studded style

Plain VS. Studded

One of the most common ways of creating a classic look with the Vegas is using studs to accessorize the machine. People often use flashy studs on seats and bags on motorcycles to add a bit more style and make their ride stand out. If so, our range of

The Studded bags includes many such options. Not everyone likes flashy styling though; if elegance and minimal styling strikes your fancy, we have those too: Plain black bags that ooze refinement and sophistication. Our lineup of saddlebags for the Vegas has been designed keeping in mind the needs of different sorts of riders.

Both options, studded and plain bags, are available for your Victory Vegas. The studded bags add to the enduring signature styling of the Vegas, while the plain-faced bags, with chrome buckles, offer a minimalist yet refined look for your machine. The studs are rustproof and are made of polished stainless steel. For those who want a no-nonsense bag to store their stuff on the move, basic black bags without any chrome or studs are available. 

buckle vs. nobuckle


A number of people just want the convenience of a saddlebag with their motorcycles, and are not too concerned with using accessories to mix things up. For the people who go by the ‘less is more’ mantra, our basic black bags might be what you you’re looking for: plain, simple, yet providing all storage space one might need.

rc dyna plain back vs shock cutout


Standard bags are typically mounted behind the shock but in front of the turn signal. In some cases, larger bags will extend back of the turn signal, requiring that the signal be relocated. However, you can sometimes get around this by using our quick disconnect system, which will push the bag further away from the body of the bike, usually far enough to accommodate the shocks.

Shock Cut-Out Bags, by comparison, have a rounded mold on the front corner of the bag that shapes the bag to accommodate the shock while resting closer to the bike. This lets you mount the bags very close to the body of the bike, giving a clean –lined look and a custom appearance.

You’ll pay a little more and there will be some loss of bag capacity, but this feature is available in several large bag styles and sizes so space shouldn’t be an issue. If you can’t get a the bag size and style you want on the back of your bike without it, or you like that neat, custom look, Shock Cut-Out bags could be for you.

rc dyna plain back vs shock cutout

Hard VS. Soft

We also offer bags that are completely blacked out without any buckle. Take a look at our Warrior and Spear bags. They are two options for bags that have no shiny buckles or studs.




At Viking Bags, we have a lineup of over 200 bag options, varying with respect to features, design, and most importantly, available storage space. Whatever the size of bag you desire to be your machine’s companion, we have it. Choosing a bag with just the right features, flair, and capacity might be a bit difficult due to the number of options available though. Therefore, to make things easier for our customers, filters can be added from the left pane on our website, making selection a breeze.





If you plan on storing belongings on a motorcycle saddlebag, security of your stuff is probably critical to you. No one wants their stuff to get stolen, especially when you’re carrying it on your motorcycle. With our unique locking options, one can have the peace of mind that their belongings will remain under lock and key if you so desire. Bags can be locked from the top, or under the buckles, whichever option you prefer. Padlock option is also available, and for such bags, our unique keys provide enhanced security for your essentials. One can also simply detach the bags if safety is a significant concern, provided that you are not using a permanent mounting option.




1- Quick Disconnect System (QDS)
2- Hard Mount Kit
3- Throw Over Kit

1. Quick Disconnect system
2. Hard mount kit
3. Throw over kit



rc dyna removed qds brackets


For riders looking for a less permanent saddlebag mounting option, our Quick Disconnect System(QDS) provides the perfect solution. Those who need the security of having the bags inside the house at the end of the day will appreciate the convenience that is offered by the Quick Disconnect System. Fast and easy detachment of the bags also helps when you are cleaning or performing maintenance on your bike, as compared to permanent bag mounting options. A simple unlocking of the system is all it takes to detach the bags, whether it is to clean the components that would be otherwise inaccessible, or to simply keep the bags at home for times when you don’t feel the need to take them with you on a ride.

rc dyna hard mount brackets


Coming as standard with all saddlebag purchases from Viking Bags, the Hard Mount kit provides a reliable and permanent mounting option for your bags. If you intend to leave them in place, with the Hard Mount Kit, you will be able to bolt the bags on to your machine, thus providing the strongest available mounting option. In case a situation arises where the bags need to be removed, the two bolts that hold each side secure can be disconnected.

rc dyna throw over brackets


Those who crave flexibility and simplicity and just want to throw the bags over when needed and pull them out at will without the hassle of disconnecting and unlocking stuff, can utilize our throw-over kit. At Viking Bags, we strive to provide options for all sorts of people; and with the throw-over kit, you don’t even need a permanent mounting frame for the bags if that is what you’re looking for. Of course, since the simple yoke system acts as a temporary frame, one can only attach bags with smaller capacities which do not need a solid mount. The throw-over option is generally preferred by people who love to be on the road most of the time and need a handy bag option with their machine to carry critical belongings. The frame can be attached under the seat and is a cost-effective way to hang bags without the need of anything more permanent.








Hopefully the article managed to provide you with valuable insight into the various criteria that are critical when choosing a saddlebag for your Victory Vegas. If you’re interested in making a purchase, simply visit our website and browse through our extensive collection of saddlebags in the variety you desire. Choosing a saddlebag for your Victory Vegas has never been easier through the available filters on our website. Alternatively, Contact Us, and our motorcycle luggage experts will be more than happy to provide any assistance you might require.