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Speeding Laws For Each U.S. State Infographic

U.S. Speeding Laws Infographic

If you've ever ridden cross country, you'll notice that the speed limits are different in each and every state. As a way to help out the motorcycle community, we created this infographic in order to illustrate the maximum allowed speeds as well as a couple of other things. For example, we also added the mandatory penalty you will receive if you're caught driving recklessly. This is important because driving recklessly is usually categorized by driving excessively over the speed limit. In addition, we added the maximum penalty that you could receive if you're caught driving recklessly. Of course, we do not condone driving over the speed limit nor driving recklessly but we feel that this type of information is very valuable to our fellow bikers. If, at all, you find that some of the information represented on this infographic is incorrect, please let us know. We have quoted our source on the bottom of the infographic if anyone is interested in reading it directly from them.


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U.S. Speeding Laws