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Street Bike Roll Bags

Street Bike roll Bags

Street Bike roll Bags

The best thing about the street bike roll bags is their versatility. Viking Bags has introduced a wide range of products under this category and across multiple brands to offer customers easier choices. There are different styles and sizes to match all kinds of individual rider needs. No matter what kind of model you choose you will find that every product is super strong and hardy courtesy the unique manufacturing process that sets them apart from all other similar products in the market. Each roll bag is made from a combination of leather, plastic and fiberglass and frame with hardy metal to keep them in shape. Their inherent strength also helps them to absorb the shocks and jolts well without damaging the luggage.

Roll Bags for Street & Sports Bikes

At Viking Bags, we know the importance of having the perfect luggage partner because when you are on the road for days on end you cannot afford to have inferior goods slowing you down. The street bike roll bags therefore are specially built to offer more durability and strength than the regular models. Along with that they also offer an incredible amount of storage space which completely negates the need for additional luggage. All Viking products are equipped with trendy detachable brackets that not only lead to easy installations but also easy detachments and fittings for other bikes. Quick release buckles, detailed organizer, rust free chrome buckles, and top carry handles makes using them super easy.

Viking Roll Bags for Street & Sports Bikes

The versatile nature of these street bike roll bags enables one to use them as a regular duffle bag, a tool bag, and a tank or tail bag. They can even be used as top off bag to be placed on a regular saddlebag with the help of quick release attachment side straps to attach them to one. There is one large center compartment that makes space for bulkier and larger items while the other smaller pockets inside help keep all items organized. These are meshed for good airflow, have waterproof covering and even a padded pouch to keep more fragile items like laptops or iPads safe. Overall, these bags are extremely weather resistant which is an amazing feature and is most appreciated by every die-hard biker.

On the outside, these street bike roll bags come with smaller pockets to keep items of everyday use handy. When you are on the road for days on end you don’t have time to hunt around for every single thing all the time. This way you know where everything is and get to them fast. Complimentary features like hardware and rain cover adds to their positives while the reflective piping for added visibility adds to increased user safety and comfort. Along with the quality, their affordability has increased their popularity even more in recent years.