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Street Bike Backpacks

Street Bike Backpacks

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Looking for street bike backpacks that will carry all that you need to carry and yet be amazingly light in weight? Consider your search over with Viking Bags, a brand that is known for the finest motorcycle accessories. The wide range of products here include various brands and products that offer users lots of functional features and easy usage, so much so that they can end of using their backpacks all the time. In fact, the versatility of these bags makes them a popular choice for people from all walks of life, not just bikers. So from students to office goers, from the intrepid trekker to the avid nature lover everyone loves to use them. Let’s take a quick look to see the reason behind this popularity.

Backpacks for Street & Sports Bikes

The very first thing to notice about these street bike backpacks is their excellent construction. They are made from a variety of hardy materials ranging from Viking leather, smart canvas or hardy fiberglass. Depending on your need and usage you can choose from any of these. No matter which make you choose you will get an ABS plastic back that makes the bags quite rigid and erect which means they stay in shape even when empty and for a long time. This rigidity also ensures that these backpacks absorb an incredible amount of road shock despite rough terrains or high speed cruising for years, a feature that makes them doubly popular.

Viking Backpacks for Street & Sports Bikes

Now when it comes to space, there are very few products out there that can beat what these street bike backpacks offer. Equipped with multiple and varied compartments, these bags offer excellent storage facilities for all users. When you look at the interior space you will see a huge cavernous space in the middle. The compartments on one side has a meshed lining while the other is padded so that devices like laptops and iPads can be easily stored and kept protected. Depending on the size of the bag, there are can be 3 or more such large compartments inside interspersed with smaller ones so that items of different sizes can be kept organized and made easily reachable, a very handy feature because things can easily get jumbled up otherwise.

The exterior has medium and smaller sized pockets with rubberized zippers which are easy to use and yet hard to damage. All street bike backpacks from Viking Bags are equipped with padded and ergonomic shoulder straps that offers ease and comfort even when the user is carrying them for a long time. Built to last long, these bags are very reasonable and offer users a great value for their money. With a money back option attached it is easy for the first time buyers to check out the product without risks.