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Viking Quick Disconnect System for Kawasaki CAT-1

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  • Product Description

    Key Lockable: Yes
    Mounting Hardware: Included
    Application: Kawasaki
    Material: Mild Steel
    Finish: Powder Coated
    Weight: 9.1 Lbs
    Sold As Pair: Yes
    Disclaimer: Not Compatible with Shock Cutout Bags



    • 2001-2009, Kawasaki Eliminator 125 3501-0336 Low
    • 2000-2009, Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD 3501-0336 Low
    • 2000-2002, 2004-2005, Kawasaki Vulcan 800 3501-0336 High
    • 2000-2005, Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic 3501-0336 High
    • 2006-2010, 2012-2015, Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic 3501-0336 Low
    • 2011-2015, Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic SE Special Edition 3501-0336 Low
    • 2007-2012, 2015, Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom 3501-0336 Low
    • 2000-2008, Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic 3501-0336 Low
    • 2006, Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic Anniversary 3501-0336 Low
    • 2000-2002, Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic Fi 3501-0336 Low
    • 2002-2003, Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Mean Streak 3521-0004 Low
    • 2003-2008, Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic 3501-0336 Low
    • 2004-2008, Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Mean Streak 3521-0004 Low
    • 2009-2013, Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Classic 3501-0336 Low
    • 2012, Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Classic ABS 3501-0336 Low
    • 2004-2009, Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 3501-0336 Low
    • 2006-2009, Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classic 3501-0336 Low
    • 2005-2006, Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Limited 3501-0336



    Additional Details

    • Extra Secure Brackets that can be locked in order to keep your Bags safe
    • Once the bags are off absolutely nothing is visible that even hints that bags just came off this bike.
    • Adjustability on this system allows you to place bags where they look good.
    • Bags can be switched between bikes with minor effort.
    • Top Quality Construction using marine grade powder coated metal.
    • Bags can be taken off from the bike or put back on within seconds.
    • Quick detachable system comes with instruction and is easy to install. Once they are install you do not need any tools to take bags off or put them on. The Qds is easily installed by removing 2 bolts from your fender and replacing with 2 of the oem bolts with Viking QDS system bolts and hardware which are also called Docking posts. The quick disconnect bracket is then bolted on to your saddlebags.
    • The docking posts are made of rust proof polished stainless steel. The brackets are completely adjustable allowing several benefits such as avoiding turn signal, Adjusting the bags position in desired area and away from passenger foot peg.This bracket keep your bags extremely safe: Simply slide the bracket on the stainless steel Docking posts and turnthe locking key and the brackets and your expensive saddlebags are safe, securely locked onto your bike. Why settle for just one set of saddlebags or no saddlebags, with Viking Qds brackets you can have storage on your bike when you desire and have it gone in second when you don’t.



    • 2012-HarleyDavidson-Dyna-WideGlide
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