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victory luggage guide

Vikingbags Guide for Victory Bags

The bold versatility of the Victory motorcycles has set down a colorful history for the brand and has paved the way for a very interesting future. Interesting not just in terms of sales and success but in how they have remained a popular and aspiring brand over the years. Vikingbags understands the importance of creating something absolutely unique for a brand that is as distinctive as Victory. That is why the saddlebags that are created for this brand are different from all others. At the same time they are unique in their own characteristics making them fit right in with the different bikes like the Boardwalk, Hammer, Kingpin, V92C and the Vegas series.

victory boardwalk saddlebags guide
Boardwalk Saddlebags Guide
victory hammer saddlebags guide
Hammer Saddlebags Guide
victory kingpin saddlebags guide
Kingpin Saddlebags Guide
victory v92c saddlebags guide
V92C Saddlebags Guide
victory vegas saddlebags guide
Vegas Saddlebags Guide

Vikingbags Guide on Choosing, Installing and Maintaining Victory Saddlebags





Style: Each of these names stand for some of the most unique and popular motorcycles in the world. As mentioned they are distinctive and known for their outstanding performances that have marked the riding satisfaction for many riders over time. The Boardwalk, Hammer, Kingpin, V92C and the Vegas saddlebags offered by brand Viking vary in looks and shape, from compact to large framed and sturdy. But they are extremely durable and made to last for a long time.

Capacity: Even a few years ago a saddlebag was meant only for the small everyday items. But the advent of Vikingbags has changed all that. Today, we have introduced saddlebags that can hold any kind of cargo, from a short weekend luggage to goods for a long road trip. You can choose the size that you need and you will find that along with the space these bags have smart compartments as well to keep all things neat and organized at all times.

Mounting: You may own one or more of these incredible bikes, but you don’t have to restrict your ride to just one kind. When you purchase a Viking saddlebag you will be presented with a free mounting hardware kit which is not just easy to install but amazingly flexible as well. So switch your from hard mount and throw over saddle is no longer a problem, a different ride to match your mood whenever you want.

Security: All Victory saddlebags created by us come with excellent locks that are both built in and also available in padlock style. Either ways, these sturdy locks discourage theft and prevent loss of goods to a large extent. The bags are built with leather, plastic and fiberglass to make them hardy and weather proof. This basically means that they are not easily susceptible to damage like other similar products.

The best way to get the best fit for your Victory motorcycle is to understand what you need the motorcycle saddlebags for. Daily use, long road trip, bigger space or a hardy partner for the journey – take all these into account and then browse through our sections to select the best product for your needs.