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Swing Arm Bags

Motorcycle Swing Arm Bags

Swing arm bags are convenient pieces of luggage for your motorcycle because they allow for quick access to key parts, such as the exhaust pipe and rear wheel shocks. This gives riders the ability to store their goods in quite a unique way. The worry that something should happen to your motorcycle while on the road and your access is limited begins to disappear, because you can simply move the swing arm bags as you need. The pages in this section provide you ample information about these specific bags, and we hope you find that quite helpful. Of course, we are always standing by to answer your questions.

Swing Arm Bags

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How are motorcycle swing arm bags installed?

Motorcycle swing arm bags are installed to the motorcycle swingarm using model specific straps or brackets. Included straps have a locking buckle which prevents the straps from lossening and making sure bags are always securely installed.

Do viking swing arm bags retain shape?

We reinforce our best leather swingarm bags with an ABS plastic inner shell, ensuring that your bags retain their shape even after years of shape. Truly, these are the most durable swing arm bags you will ever buy.

Are viking products covered by warranty?

All Viking products are covered by 1-year warranty. If you have an issue with any of our product, give us a call and we will be glad to help.