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Motorcycle Hyosung Luggage Guide

Vikingbags Guide for Hyosung Bags

The Hyosung Aquila GV250 cruises with the best of them with powerful engines and features that can give other riders a good run for their money. This modern brand is known for its ergonomic design and compact make, the features that Viking Bags have incorporated seamlessly in them. They speak of the same understated power of these motorcycles with their quiet elegance and durability that make them such a good match for all Hyosung bikes. These are bikes known for smooth and easy rides, so the saddlebags that we have created for them are designed to enhance their unique look and feel. Let us help you choose the right saddlebag, take a look at the choosing criteria below and find how easy it is to decide on the right one.


GV250 Aquila
Saddlebags Guide

Harley Dyna Saddlebag Guide

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Vikingbags Guide on Choosing, Installing and Maintaining Hyosung Saddlebags



When it comes to style, it can differ from person to person as it does from one bike to the other. Some are meant to be traffic stoppers while others have meant to incite the excitement. Some come with comfort and feel good factors so look deep into what you are most comfortable with before you start browsing. When you do, take a look at the wide range of options from the plain Jane to the king of bling to find the best match for your bike.


If you are looking for storage for long rides or secure space to store gear for everyday commute, you will get them all from the specific Viking saddlebags. All of them are created to have more than enough room so that one can carry as much of luggage as possible without comprising the looks or jeopardizing the safety of the ride. They also come with multiple pockets inside and out to offer neat compartments for different kinds of items.


The sophisticated and innovative Viking motorcycle saddlebags key is a brilliant security measure which is unique to our products. These built in locks are very hard to break into so goods remain more secure here than anywhere else. The bags themselves are built to withstand all kinds of weather anomalies and absorb road shocks well so that luggage is protected for long, without any extra maintenance. Pick each category to discern what kind of bag will best suit your needs. Once you have major criteria in place, it will be super easy to choose the right saddlebag for your Hyosung Aquila GV250.


If you have been looking for flexible mounting options, your search is over with Viking bags. You can a permanent mount or throw over saddle with our products and use the quick disconnect system to change your seat any time you want. The mounting kit comes free with all our products so you get easy installation and that too at no extra cost.