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Motorcycle Kawasaki Luggage Guide

Vikingbags Guide for Kawasaki Bags

The Kawasaki brand of motorcycles has stood for reliability and style for years now. Ever since they have been introduced they have held user attention with their performance as well as deliverables. Viking bags have been creating specific bags for these unique designs that perfectly match their functionality and looks. For their ultimate street cruiser Eliminator only a power saddlebag will do. For these bikes, a strong and yet functional accessory can make the journey easy. For Kawasaki’s Mean Streak one would need a stylish yet powerful accessory to help the power riders conquer the road. As for the Vulcan, a saddlebag that is as flexible and easy to manage as the bike itself will be the perfect partner.


Kawasaki Eliminator

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Kawasaki Mean
Streak Saddlebags

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Vikingbags Guide on Choosing, Installing and Maintaining Kawasaki Saddlebags



If you are wondering why the style guide is important then you have to first understand that no two bikes are really the same. They come with their innate differences so really why should their saddlebags come with a generic look? On the contrary, we have designed them to be different and yet offer the same level of reliability and quality in all aspects of their usage. Most of all, they are perfectly formed to match the overall look and feel of the bike.


Before this, riders would always have to worry about carrying enormous amounts of luggage and store their goods properly. Lack of enough storage was cumbersome, non-efficient and quite dangerous while they were on the road due to the excess baggage. Thanks to Viking bags now they can carry all that they want to without comprising weight, extra luggage or their motorcycle image.


Modernized locking system ensures that unscrupulous acts cannot harm the goods stored within or cause loss of property for any of our customers. The locks are built into the system and pretty hard to break into. The hard outer body keeps the good protected from rain, hail, sleet or snow round the year. The aforementioned quick disconnect system also allows one to dislodge and carry the bags with them whenever needed.


The very first thing that you can enjoy with your Viking motorcycle saddlebags is the free mounting hardware that immediately shows you the value for your purchase. Next thing to wonder about is that this mounting system is absolutely flexible which means you can change the way you ride in a jiffy using the quick disconnect system. Very few other products will offer this flexibility.


Browse through the individual categories of the bags which have been designed for each of the unique Kawasaki series of bikes. You can choose on the basis of looks, shapes, sizes, storage space and usage – all of which vary as per the ultimate bike series they have been created for. What is great that over and above these selections you can also choose custom fittings to make your Viking saddlebags a better fit for your bike.