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Kawasaki Eliminator Motorcycle Luggage Guide

kawasaki eliminator black board


The Eliminator is a street cruiser with the looks of a drag bike, referred to as a ‘power cruiser.’ Eliminators come in a range of sizes from the 125, a good beginner’s bike – so good that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommend it – up to the ZL1000, a big bike with a strong following of fans. It shares that characteristic with the ZL900; Eliminators have loyal fans who love their bikes. The light chassis and four-stroke engine make this a fast, powerful and reliable machine. Many riders find the long wheelbase gives an elongated riding position that’s friendly to taller riders, while changing the bike’s handling.

At Viking Bags, we understand that Eliminator owners want bags to match their bikes and their passion; we ride too, so we know how you feel. You’re looking for something that matches more than your storage needs; it needs to match how you feel about your bike too. Bigger Eliminators are notoriously hard to find saddlebags to fit, but Viking Bags can help: We carry a huge variety of saddlebag options. In fact, we have the largest selection of saddlebags in the world, so we have the kind to suit your needs!

Before you settle on a saddlebag for your Eliminator, you’ve got five big decisions to make:


Style: Do you like to turn people’s heads as you ride by or do you prefer a little less attention? Do you want to compliment the classic look of the Virago? Would you like buckles, studs or just a plain, sleek look to your bags? Would you like options as to how your bags open?

Mounting: Are you looking to permanently mount your bags? Would you prefer a less permanent option?

Capacity: How much storage do you need? A week? Two? Maybe you need enough to store gear for work as part of your commute?

Security: Do you need your bags to lock or not? Viking Bags are easily secured with our own innovative Viking Bags key, which is unique to only our bag systems.



rc duna plain bag vs studded style

Style is such a personal choice. What one person thinks looks great, someone else just can’t stand. That’s why we have more than one clothing store, and it’s why we carry such a large range of different styles of saddlebag!

Some riders like to pass by unobtrusively, while others prefer to be the center of attention. Some like the sleek lines of the classic Eliminator; others have chopped and modded their bikes and want the same for their saddlebags. Whichever you are, Viking Bags can help.

Kawasaki Eliminator bags come in a wide variety of styles. We carry most bags in both a studded and a non-studded version, so you can fit bags that match the style of your bike. Some riders like to carry their studded theme over into their saddlebags; if that’s you, shop Viking Bags with confidence: all our studs are rustproof stainless steel with a high polish, meaning they’ll look good for years to come. If you prefer the sleek lines of your bike to be picked up by smooth, stud less saddlebags, we’ve got you covered too. Our non-studded saddlebags will make your bike the center of attention!


buckle vs. nobuckle

We have a range of practical and stylish bags with various types of fastening. Alongside several different buckle designs and configurations, we carry bags with no buckles at all for a cleaner, smoother silhouette. The Warrior andSpear bags we carry are a good example of bags without buckles – just smooth lines!







rc dyna plain back vs shock cutout

The standard way to mount saddlebags is dictated by the shape of the back of the bike. Typically, bags are mounted in front of the turn signal and behind the shock. Some bags won’t go into this space on some bikes, and some bikes have been so modified that there isn’t much space there anyway.

If that’s your situation, our Shock Cut-Out bags might be the solution you’re looking for. Shock Cut-Out bags have a rounded mold on the front corner of the bag that creates a ‘cut-out’ to accommodate the shock. As a result, the bag can be fitted over the shock without protruding excessively. Some riders like the practicality of being able to fit a larger bag that their machine could otherwise carry, while others like the extra choice of styles or the sleek custom look of the Shock Cut-Out bag.

Viking Bags’ customers do have another option, though: we also offer the Quick Disconnect System (QDS) which allows you to mount your bags slightly further out from the bike’s frame. The QDS is really designed for convenience, but in some cases there’ll be room for the shocks underneath the bags. However, QDS isn’t always appropriate and some riders like the ‘custom’ look Shock Cut-Out bags give their bike.

Shock Cut-Out bags will take you a couple of price points up, and there’s always some capacity lost to the cut-outs themselves, but Viking bags come in sizes from small through medium and large to extra large capacity bags, so you should still wind up with room to spare. If you can’t get the bag you want on your bike any other way, or if you just like the look of custom bags at a fraction of the cost, Shock Cut-Out bags could be for you!


What kind of mounting you use isn’t some dry, technical question about the perfect bolt. It’s about how you want to use your saddlebags, more than anything. A hard mount means your bags aren’t going anywhere without a spanner, while Quick Disconnect System (QDS) mounting allows you to remove them in just a few seconds. Throw Over mounting is somewhere in between, with a chrome cradle attached to the bike supporting your bags. What kind of mounting you choose is down to your feelings about security, safety, convenience, appearance… very important, but also very personal.

Once you’re figured out what kind of bag will suit you and your bike best, you’ll need to consider mounting. How do you want to attach your new saddlabags to your motorcycle? Viking bags carry three different types of mounting hardware, each with its own distinct advantages.

Choosing the Right Kind of Mounting Hardware:

1- Quick Disconnect System (QDS)
2- Hard Mount Kit
3- Throw Over Kit


rc dyna installed qds brackets

Our Quick Disconnect System is designed to allow you to take your bags off your bike or re-attach them in a matter of a few seconds. QDS does run slightly more expensive than other forms of mounting hardware, at $99, though many riders find that the extra investment is well worth it for the convenience and peace of mind it buys.

That peace of mind comes from knowing that your bags are right beside you, not left in a gas station forecourt or on the street, where people might not be able to steal your bike – but they’ll be more than happy to go through your saddlebags. Sometimes the deciding factor will be that QDS lets you fit a plain back bag that would otherwise interfere with your bike’s shocks or bump up against other hardware, because QDS sets the bag slightly proud of the body of the bike. For that reason, we find QDS and Shock Cut-Out bags don’t really make sense together and riders usually go for one or the other.

A final consideration in favor of the QDS is that when the bags are removed from the bike, there’s barely anything to show that the bike ever had saddlebags. A couple of small docking posts that you have to be looking for to see are all the evidence there is, which means you can switch between a bike that has bags and a bike that doesn’t in the time it takes to take the bags off – which, with QDS, is barely any time at all.




rc dyna removed qds brackets


rc dyna hard mount brackets

Hard Mount kits come as part of the package: whenever you buy a saddlebag from our website, we include a hard mount kit, free. We have the standard bolts for any manufacturer, and we definitely have Kawasaki covered, but with so many models, trims and custom jobs out there, we can’t carry the right bolts for everyone, so if your Eliminator is a little off the beaten track you might need to visit a hardware store and drop a few dollars to ensure you have the right bolts.

Offering free mounting hardware is, sadly, not standard practice in the saddlebag industry, but we want our customer service to be as extraordinary as our products are.

Hard mounts are our most popular mounting system, and they come with the benefit that your bags aren’t going to come off your bike without a spanner being involved. You’ll never have to worry that they might slip their moorings somehow!



rc dyna throw over brackets

Throw Over brackets are something of a middle ground between Hard Mount and QDS. The chrome cradle that supports your bags in the Throw Over mounting style is built onto your bike, and it remains in place even when your bags are removed, so you can’t switch over to an apparently bag-free bike like you can with QDS. On the other hand, it’s much easier to remove the bags than with a Hard Mount system, yet there’s a slightly more stable, secure attachment compared to QDS.
If you have any questions about the installation process for Throw Over, Hard Mount or QDS, please get in touch. We have over 100 years’ worth of motorcycle knowledge and experience between us, and we’re always glad of the chance to help a fellow rider out! 













rc dyna keylockable saddlebags

The level of security you need depends on where you plan to ride, where you plan to park and, most importantly, on the level of security you feel you need. Some people barely remember to lock the doors to their homes, while others feel a barbed-wire fence might not be sufficient deterrent to burglars and intruders. In the same way, some riders’ idea of barely adequate security looks like overkill to others. You know your own needs best – but Viking Bags can give you the options to make finding the right choice easier.

Most riders find a bag with a lock is a good idea. Viking bags come with locks in two sites, located either over the buckle or under it. On bags with locks under the buckle, you simply raise the buckle to reveal the lock. All our bags feature padlock rings too, though we don’t sell padlocks ourselves.

However well locked, buckled and padlocked a bag is, though, it’s always going to be at risk from a serious professional thief. Locks keep opportunistic thieves out, but if you regularly carry thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment in your saddlebags, no lock will give you the peace of mind you need. In that case, you might find a different form of security is what’s needed. QDS allows you to simply remove the bags, and to do it in seconds. That means it’s convenient as well as prudent to take your bags with you into rest stops, restaurants and gas stations, so they’re right by you the whole time. And when you reach our destination you can move the bags without revealing their contents and tempting thieves!

While most of our bags come with locks, we do sell some non-locking bags in case you feel that locks are redundant, or you want to offset that cost of QDS against locks you don’t think you need.







If you have any questions about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. One of our Motorcycle Luggage Experts will be very happy to help you! For further information, Contact Us