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Sportster Iron 1200

Harley Sportster Iron 1200 Handlebars

Because handlebars are a staple part of motorcycles just like the tires, throttle, and braking system, many riders do not realize how integral it is to have working handlebars to operate safely on the road. Take away the handlebars and you find yourself deprived of the only means to turn and steer your motorcycle. This is why it is important to keep them in good condition or get new ones if you want to keep riding your motorcycle.

If you are the owner of a Harley Sportster Iron 1200, this page will inform you of all the essential details you need to know about Harley Sportster Iron 1200 handlebars to help you browse the selection sold at Viking Bags.

Sportster Iron 1200

Features of Harley Sportster Iron 1200 Handlebars

Built to last for a long time, Harley Iron 1200 handlebars are made out of heavy-duty steel bars that are durable and resistant. When struck by heavy objects, the worst that the handlebars suffer is getting a little scratched up. The smooth surface also prevents the metal from getting rusty or damaged by water.

As the Sportster Iron 1200 handlebars have to be level with your arms, the handles are curved slightly so that they are brought closer to the riders. The handlebars are fixed securely in place so that they will not come loose easily even when a lot of force is exerted against them.

Design of Harley Sportster Iron 1200 Handlebars

Built to be at a height range of 9 to 12 inches, the Harley Sportster Iron 1200 handlebars have the forked build of the traditional Z bar, the grip arrangement of the mini-ape, and the narrow width between the bars of the drag bar. Giving it a stylish and cool look that complements your motorcycle, the handlebars come in either a matte or glossy black finish.