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Softail Standard FXST

Harley Softail Standard FXST Handlebars

Because handlebars are a part that comes with all factory-made and custom motorcycles, it is easy to forget that they are an essential component necessary for travel. Though simple in their design, motorcycle handlebars provide balance, safety, and control. Your motorcycle is not considered in shape to traverse the highways if there is a problem with the handlebars.

To help any individuals who own a Harley Softail Standard FXST and are interested in getting a new set of handlebars, this page will help provide a summary of the properties and build of Harley Softail Standard FXST handlebars.

Softail Standard FXST

Features of Harley Softail Standard FXST Handlebars

To prevent the Harley Standard FXST handlebars from getting worn out too quickly when exposed to the elements, the structure of the equipment is constructed from stainless steel bars. The steel is strong enough to repel flying debris and has a smooth surface that makes the handlebars waterproof, rustproof, and aerodynamic.

Having an upright and rigid structure, it is easy to install the Softail Standard FXST handlebars thanks to the internal pulling wire that makes it easy to insert the wiring into the front of the motorcycle.

Design of Harley Softail Standard FXST Handlebars

The frame of the Harley Softail Standard FXST handlebars resembles that of an oddly shaped V. The grips are angled downward slightly with the uprights curving slightly backward toward the rider. The hollow rounded bar has pre-drilled holes along the sides so that you have easier access to the wiring inside. The exterior is covered in a matte or glossy black finish.