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Sportster Seventy Two

Sissy Bars for Harley Sportster Seventy Two

A short, tall or medium sized Sportster 72 sissy bar seems necessary if you’re taking your motorcycle out for a long trip. Regardless of whether you’re carrying a passenger or luggage, you’ll need to have adequate support on the back. A sissy bar not only has to reach high enough to be comfortable for a passenger but also needs to have enough space to support tons of luggage. This is how Viking Bags’ sissy bars for Sportster 72 can be the game-changers you’re looking for.

Sportster Seventy Two

Features of Harley Sportster 72 Sissy Bars

Offering top of the line rounded steel bars that elegantly shape our sissy bars for Sportster 72 series, we make sure each and every one of our products come with all the mounting hardware you need to install them seamlessly. You’ll find Sportster 72 sissy bars at Viking Bags come with chrome and matte-black finishing, making them elegant and aesthetically pleasant.

With chrome and matte black color options that have become our best sellers, Viking Bags offers its customers the chance to select from a range of sissy bars for Harley 72 based on functionality including foldable, detachable, short and tall variants among others.