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Sportster Seventy Two

Harley Sportster Seventy Two Motorcycle Seats

Viking Bags offers the finest quality Harley Sportster Seventy Two motorcycle seats at the most affordable prices. A Sportster 72 is one of the most commendable motorcycles ever created. However, many riders have reported its seats to be stylish and aesthetically awesome but ergonomically lacking. This is where Viking Bags’ motorcycle seats for Harley Sportster 72 can make a difference.

Made from powdered-based steel at its base, a foam reinforced with fiberglass, and stitched in a variety of designs with the finest Viking Leather, our comfortable and easy-to-install motorcycle seats for Sportster 72 are known for their durability and longevity.

Sportster Seventy Two

The Best Seats for Sportster 72

What kind of Harley Sportster 72 seats are you looking for? The Sportster 72 is notorious for its killer looks, though some argue that it plays into the danger and risk factors. A slim tank elegantly placed ahead of a solo seat that perfectly tops the 72’s dark persona makes for an impressive design. It’s imperative that motorcycle seats for Sportster 72 embracing and add to the aesthetic of the bike.

Styles and Designs of Harley Sportster 72 Seats

Although stock suspension might not support it, we also offer passenger seats, 2-up seats, and Harley Sportster Seventy Two solo seats of substantial sizes. Consisting of 13-inch length and 9-inch width with some of the best designs on the market, our collection for Sportster 72 seats includes plain, diamond black and white stitch as well as horizontal and vertical stitch style variants.