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Sportster Forty Eight

Harley Davidson Sportster Forty Eight Sissy Bars

Can’t find an affordable sissy bar for Sporster 48? Try Viking Bags. Our selection of tall, short, and medium sized sissy bars are sure to fit what’s been deemed as one of the best Sportsters in Harley’s lineage. With a sleek, aesthetic style that matches both stock and painted motorcycle tanks and seats, our Sportster 48 sissy bars will make sure your motorcycle’s stylish looks aren’t compromised.

Sportster Forty Eight

Features of Sportster 48 Sissy Bars

Sportster 48 sissy bars here at Viking Bags come in all shapes and sizes, each constructed with the finest rounded steel bar in the industry then carefully tested and molded to fit any and every Sportster Forty Eight. While the 48 typically has a gas tank that allows you to travel only 100 miles, the fact that you look insanely cool riding the motorcycle motivates people to take their 48 on long trips. Whether you want to take a passenger or luggage, you’ll need a sissy bar for your Harley Sportster 48. Be it a short, tall, or medium sized upright one or a foldable one that supports luggage attachments, you’ll find our matte black and chrome finish options to be perfect additions to make to your bike.

Why should you buy Viking Bags sissy bar for Sportster 48? Introducing a modern rust-proof, cutting-edge design built with strength and durability in mind. With features like lockability, detachability and quick-release variations with a design that seamlessly blends in with the aesthetic of your bike, Viking Bags’ sissy bars for Harley Davidson Forty Eight come with the guarantee of lasting longer than any competitor.