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Sportster Forty Eight

Harley Sportster Forty Eight Motorcycle Seats

Looking for a Sportster Forty Eight motorcycle seat? A Harley 48 is definitely known for two things. Massive torque and slippery seats. While we all love the former, the latter can become a dangerous problem, especially with enough time and miles on the bike. Don’t just get used to the stock seats. Get yourself comfortable, sleek, ergonomically superior and the most affordable Harley Sportster Forty Eight motorcycle seats from Viking Bags today!

Sportster Forty Eight

Features of Sportster Forty Eight Motorcycle Seats

Like most of Viking Bags’ motorcycle seats, Sportster Forty Eight seats for Harley Davidson bikes feature top-tier materials that include our signature Viking Leather that our customers love. Every seat has been meticulously designed and crafted to provide comfort and ease to all types of riders. Considering the fact that we offer Solo, 2-up, and Passenger seats that go with Touring, Cafe, Dirt and even Sportbikes, we can guarantee you’ll love our motorcycle seats for Harley Davidson Sportster Forty Eight.

Styles and Designs for Sportster Forty Eight Seats

If you’re in the market for a stylish Sportster Forty Eight seat that blends in with your customized or stock motorcycle, you’re in luck. Because Viking Bags is offering a bunch of variants that include horizontal and vertical stitch options, black and white diamond pattern stitch designs and even our customers’ favorite, plain black stitch design that seamlessly blends in with any and every bike.

Needless to say, Sportster Forty Eight Seats offered by Viking Bags are not just weather-resistant, they can withstand the toughest tests of time and grime regardless of how many miles you ride.