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Sportster 1200 Nightster

Harley Sportster 1200 Nightster XL1200N Seats

Does your bum go numb on your Sportster? Try Viking Bags Harley Sportster 1200 Nightster XL1200N motorcycle seat that can take away that problem for good. Promising ergonomically superior alternatives to most stock options, Viking Bags presents its motorcycle seats for Harley Nightster series that come in 2-up, Solo, Passenger, Touring, Cafe, Dirt and even Sport-friendly options. Offering styles and variants that go aesthetically and mechanically well with your bike, our motorcycle seats for Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Nightster certainly aim to please.

Sportster 1200 Nightster

Features of Sportster 1200 Nightster XL1200N Seats

The Nightster is an all-around perfect bike with no problems at all. Which is why you need the best Sportster 1200 Nightster XL1200N seats to replace the stock ones. If you feel like they’re too small, slippery or just don’t support your back or hips, you may need a replacement. And look no further than your very own Viking Bags’ Sportster seats category. Because not only is it a name you can trust, but it’s also the best economical option on the market.

Padded with state of the art Viking Leather that promises a stylish finish, our Sportster 1200 Nightster seats come with powder-based steel foundations that are further reinforced with fiberglass before the purest quality of foam is covered with the stylish finishing stitch designs that include white and black diamond stitches, horizontal as well as vertical designs and even plain simple Sportster 1200 Nightster seat variants for you to choose from.