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Top 3 Dirt Bike Products from Viking Bags

Posted by Blake Simons on Sep 5th 2019

When you are planning a bike tour or ride the most important thing is the gear bag. In this topic, we are going to specifically talk about the dirt bike bags. Now it does not matter either it is dirt bike tour, motocross, or some adventure your gear must always be traveling with you. Therefore, we brought you its top 3 dirt bike products from Viking Bags that you should not miss!

All the Viking Bags products are of best quality

It is very important to pick the right type of bag for your dirt bike whether it be a long or short trip. Following is how you can choose the right type of bag and our top 3 products for the dirt bikes.

Choosing a Bag

Following are the main things on which you can choose which bag is best for your dirt bike.

  • Top quality material
  • Good long-lasting construction
  • Enough and large enough so that you can fit your gear in it. it may differ from person to person.
  • Safety and security

The features and many others are what “Viking-Bags” is all about. Our bags are specially designed for different types of bikes. Here we have a huge assortment of bags for different rides like cruiser bags, street bike bags , and many more. Our bags are made of the pure and highest quality materials. These bags are designed and manufactured to fulfill your needs while lasting lifelong.

Having a separate compartment would be nice if you are into it. That way finding things is easier. If there is a pullout mat or washable it helps a lot making your bag look like new. Water and dust repellency are a very good and useful feature. And the list goes on but not the focus.


There are plenty of more great quality and longs lasting bags at our store which you can buy at cheap prices. However, the following bags are the top pics. Getting righty type of bags depends on your usage and needs.

Viking Large Adventure Saddlebag

This is a large sized saddlebag which is made of heavy-duty polyester. Its durable construction and design allow you to freely ride your dirt bike. The zippers are high quality and protect the items in from the water. The bag itself is water resistant with a quick release lid opening giving you ample internal storage capacity. You can attach the bag easily and all needed mounting gear is included with the bag.

It is big enough to a helmet too. this is for the internal pocket. While the external front and side pockets are also available if you want to take advantage of its full potential. Those can easily handle goggles, keys, wallet, cellphones, gloves, socks, and other items. If you were in search of a durable bag that can last long and has enough storage then no need to look any further because this is the one for you.

Viking Dirt-man Enduro Saddlebag

The dirt-man dirt bike saddle bag is a very tough and long-lasting bag. It is small sized but does have enough space in which you can store plenty of gear and other items. It is a compact but complete solution. As this bag is not too large it does not affect the maneuverability. It is made of high-quality Cordura fabric, it is perfect for a short 3-4-day trip.

It can easily fit gloves, boots, goggles, pants, jackets. the attachment system is strap and hook-and-loop. It is easy to attach and detach to the bike. Heavy-duty zippers and water repellent feature keeps your items safe.

Viking Dirt Duffel Bag

This medium-sized duffel bag by Viking Bags is built to last. It is made of high-quality double coated polyester fabric and is one of the best bags that you would get under $100. Its pockets are big enough that you can fit a helmet, gloves, boots, and other smaller items like wallet, keys, etc. at the same time. The high-quality zippers are water repellent and durable. It is easily attachable and detachable with the help of straps.

The bag does not have a lock feature but still is safe from water because of its water repellency and lid opening. Secure mounting system and shoulder straps make the bag easy to carry whether on bike or shoulders.

Viking Dirt Enduro Tank Bag

This dirt bike tank bag is designed to fit most and comply with your needs. You can use this as a small travel bag or fit your gear into it. The top transparent pocket is where you can put your map and easily navigate. The map pouch is removable and waterproof. The top internal pocket is small but it can easily fit gloves or other small items. The storage is expandable though.

The internal pocket is not big enough to hold helmet but you can get items like wallet, goggles, sunscreen, and other such items in there easily. The bag does not have lock function but sure is water repellent. It is made of high-quality coated polyester. The zippered internal mesh pocket is to keep items separate from the main compartment. Mounting is done via straps which are included in the deal, it is easy to mount and unmount.