The 10 Best Motorcycle Weather Apps of 2022 for Conventional Riders

The 10 Best Motorcycle Weather Apps of 2022 for Conventional Riders

Posted by Viking Bags on Mar 1st 2022

Riding in the rain is hard, isn’t it? And if you are not properly equipped with the proper motorcycle riding gear, it is even more difficult to deal with overcast weather.

Well, let’s suppose an alternative situation. What if you are already aware of the weather being fickle? Then you won’t go out for a ride, or you will leave prepared by carrying rain gear in your saddlebags, right? You should be able to predict weather changes in the palm of your hand.

Motorcycle weather apps are specifically developed for riders who live in some regions where climate conditions diversify swiftly. You may have randomly tried one of them and suddenly uninstalled it as it didn’t work for you.

So, here in this article, we have listed down some of the best motorcycle weather apps that are fully functional and work brilliantly to save you from bad weather conditions and will make your rides exquisite.

1. Best Weather, GPS, Route Planners Apps for Motorcycle Riders

Epic Ride Weather

Epic Ride Weather

The Epic Ride Weather app does one thing well: it provides accurate weather information for every location along your ride, including wind direction and speed. It's something I use almost every weekend.

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The app becomes increasingly handy as the ride lengthens. Any weather app may provide you with small chunks of this data, such as temperature and wind direction for a single location, which can be only a single town. But the app can compile all important data points–particularly, every location you'll be on your ride–into easy-to-understand infographics that makes it so special.

It's also simple to get routes into the app: simply couple it with your motorcycle trip planner app or any motorcycle GPS or navigation app once, and the app will automatically populate with that information. You can then choose a route from the motorcycle rides you've completed and store it. You choose your departure time and projected speed to get a hyper-personalized prediction.

The wind visualizations are particularly informative because they include directional arrows along the journey, with larger arrows signifying stronger winds.

Green has added a few additional features to the app. On Android and iOS, you can now reserve a route with a single click, raise the font size, and use dark mode with auto-store recent routes up top for easy access.

Another newly added features are

  • Humidity
  • Daylight
  • UV Index

2. Best Motorcycle Weather Apps of 2022 for Android and iOS

2.1 Weather (Android, iOS)

1Weather (Android, iOS)

1Weather has got all the features a motorcycle rider could expect from the best motorcycle weather app. It is a complete package for riders and comes with many useful features.


  • A 10-day forecast
  • Severe weather warnings
  • Live radar maps
  • Temperature and precipitation forecasts are provided on a minute-by-minute and hourly basis.

Furthermore, this app takes advantage of widgets so that key weather events can be visible on your phone’s home screen, whether you are using iOS or Android.

Pros Cons
Fast and fully loaded with features (10-day forecast, weather warnings, live radar maps, temperature, and rain) Occasional connection issues
Informative (educational videos, learning about solar phases)
Quick loading
Engaging design (widget on phone’s home screen)

Availability: Free iOS and Android download, $1.99 for a monthly subscription of premium account (no ads, extended forecast days, and AQI card).

2.2 Weather on the Way (iOS)

Weather on the Way (iOS)

Knowing the weather before leaving your place is as crucial as taking assistance from a motorcycle trip planner app to find the right directions. This motorcycle weather app calculates your time of arrival at points along your route and provides a precise forecast for the time you will be riding through waypoints. Weather on the Way, a free iOS download, comes with a lot of useful options.


  • Unlimited Routes
  • Easy to read the forecast
  • Avoid unexpected delays
  • Set waypoints and stop duration
  • Live snow and rain doppler radar
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Privacy-focused
  • The general forecast for the day of arrival
  • Global
  • Dark mode

You’ll know everything you need to know about the weather and can avoid any unexpected delays by calculating routes to your destination and showing the weather forecast for the current time while you are driving.

While free, the weather on my way becomes even more valuable with a premium subscription. You can set your departure time, find alternative routes, visibility distance, precipitation chance and amount, UV index, and wind speed.

Weather on the Way
Pros Cons
Powerful Trip Planning Forecast No Android version is available
Route Adjustment and Easy to Use The free version does not provide advanced details and information
Current precipitation and live radar direction

Availability: Free for iOS, and a Premium subscription option is also available

3. The 7 Best Motorcycle Apps of 2022

3.1 Dark Sky (iOS)

Dark Sky (iOS)

Dark Sky offers a detailed, hyperlocal forecast that makes your motorcycle riding convenient and tranquil. It offers an accurate, down-to-minute forecast to keep you updated with the temperature, possible rain, and wind speed. With the app, you can see ten minutes into the future or hours, staying informed through your trip. Above all, you can sync this app with your Apple Watch, so you can easily access the forecasts.

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  • Minute-by-minute predictions for the next hour
  • Hour-by-hour forecast for the upcoming week
  • Simple and smooth animated live radar
  • Alerts for upcoming rain at your location
  • Apple Watch support
  • Minute-by-minute widgets
Dark Sky
Pros Cons
Daily summary Android version no longer available
Government rules alert Focus on temperature hides the rain info
Minute-by-minute predictions Paid version available only
Great weather accuracy

Availability: The app is available for iOS devices only with a $3.99 subscription package

3.2 NOAA Weather Radar Live (iOS)

NOAA Weather Radar Live (iOS)

Is the weather good enough for a bike commute, or should you commute by car instead? If as a motorcyclist you have ever asked this simple question to yourself, you should be considering NOAA weather radar live as the answer to your question. A unique feature that makes it one of the best motorcycle apps is that, for every day and hour, you are confronted with motorcycle and car icons, depending on the weather conditions. You can also manage the weather requirements in the settings.


  • Hurricane tracker
  • Forecasted precipitation map
  • Widgets and alerts
  • Live radar information
NOAA Weather Radar Live
Pros Cons
Free Only pro option has alerts
Relies on NOAA data for detecting tornados Shares your location, data usage, and contact info with other companies

Availability: Free for iOS. Pro features are available with a subscription

3.3 Yahoo Weather (Android, iOS)

Yahoo Weather (Android, iOS)

The beautiful Yahoo app boasts a gorgeous interface that is both informative and striking. The app shows visuals of your area with the appropriate time of day and weather conditions, as well as detailed five-day forecasts, active radar, heat, and satellite maps. The Android app has been updated to match the iOS look for a unified experience on both devices. Other apps, such as the ones listed above, provide more details and capabilities, but Yahoo Weather is simple and straightforward, making it an excellent everyday tool with the exception of a very huge advertisement as you scroll up to see the comprehensive prediction.


  • Wind, pressure, and chance of precipitation
  • Animated sunrise and sunset
  • Interactive maps browsing for radar, satellite, heat, and snow
  • Track best motorcycle riding roads and destinations
  • Wind and pressure modules
Yahoo Weather
Pros Cons
Flickr images Few radar map options
Numerous Widgets Occasionally sluggish
Customizable streams
Slick design

Availability: iOS and Android for free

3.4 Motorcycle Weather (iOS)

Motorcycle Weather (iOS)

Motorcycle Weather, as the name specifies, is completely motorcycle-relevant, even one of the best motorcycle weather apps. The user interface of this app is designed to inform riders of the current and upcoming changes in weather conditions.

It is simple to use and will determine if the weather is suitable for riding your motorcycle based on your preferences. You can set your preferred weather conditions for temperature, rain, and wind, and a motorcycle icon is displayed if the weather is within those parameters; a car icon is displayed otherwise.


  • Accurate weather details
  • Hour-to-hour weather forecast
  • Selected hours option for the forecast
  • Redesigned menu
  • Weather alerts when near your location
  • Fast loading
  • Suitable on both small and large screens
  • Manually select scale and time format
  • Temperature, wind, and precipitation
Motorcycle Weather
Pros Cons
Free and convenient to use Settings do not stay saved (users report)
Easy to see if the weather conditions are suitable Dated user interface
Contains ads
Android version no longer available

Availability: Free for iOS

3.5 Windy (Android, iOS)

Windy (Android, iOS)

Another motorcycle weather app, which is also a map-focused app, is Windy. It shows current and predicted wind conditions, as well as rain, temperature, possible storms, and cloud cover on a beautiful and colorful rendered map.


  • Thunderstorm predictions
  • Accurate forecast models
  • Weather forecast for the next 7 days
Pros Cons
Map-based view Low performance while viewing the map
High-quality storm data Doesn’t provide route information
Multiple weather models

Availability: Free for iOS and Android, a premium subscription is also available

3.6 Motorcycle Weather Ride (Android, iOS)

Motorcycle Weather Ride (Android, iOS)

Similarly, to Motorcycle Weather, the Motorcycle Weather Ride app answers a simple question: Should you take a bike or a car? A suitable icon is shown each day based on the user’s preferences. In contrast to the previous app, it doesn’t offer an hourly breakdown. However, it works for iOS and Android.

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  • Fast and simple to check
  • A daily breakdown showing for motorcycle or car
Motorcycle Weather Ride
Pros Cons
Free and available for both Android and iOS Dated interface style
Easy to see results No hourly breakdown

Availability: Free for both Android and iOS

3.7 Emergency: American Red Cross (Android, iOS)

Emergency: American Red Cross (Android, iOS)

We reached here listing down the must-use motorcycle weather apps, but the app is quite the opposite. We hope you never have to use this app, but when disaster strikes, you’ll be glad you have Emergency Alerts from the American Red Cross on your iPhone or Android device.


  • Tabs on hurricanes and floods
  • Indicates extreme heat and winter storms
  • Emergency monitor for live location
  • Add important people and cities for emergency
  • Customizable alerts and maps with shelter information
Emergency: American Red Cross
Pros Cons
Real-time local alerts for monitoring people and places Notification error (user’s review)
Toolkit with flashlight, strobe light, and audible alarm Alerts showing even after a cancellation (user’s review)
Step by step directions to make a family emergency plan Repetitive notices unrelated to designated area (user’s review)
Customizable alerting and push notification options

Availability: For both iOS and Android

4. Takeaway:

While planning a motorcycle tour, you want to be aware of climate conditions in your area or region. Moreover, if you are going to a motorcycle camping destination that will take more than one day, you need to stay updated with the upcoming weather conditions as well.

Do not leave your place until you have completed your motorcycle equipment and are prepared to face every situation.