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List of Concerts at Sturgis Rally 2019

Posted by Viking Bags on Jul 26th 2019

It is that time of the Year! The bikes are revving, the bars are stocking up and our favorite musicians are on their way to Sturgis. To make your life easier, we have compiled a comprehensive list of concerts so you know where to be and when.This year, 2019, the Sturgis rally is completely prepar [Read more]

Jul 26th 2019

Best Routes to Sturgis Rally

Posted by Viking Bags on Jul 24th 2019

This year on the 79th anniversary for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally you can take the following routes to the rally. Enjoy your ride along the way with scenic views and be close to nature as one can get. This is going to be a long tour so you need to prepare. We recommend saddlebags, and if you alr [Read more]

Jul 24th 2019

Journey into Sturgis: The History of The Worlds Greatest Motorcycle Rally

Posted by Tim Zimlich on Aug 3rd 2016

After many months, and many miles, Sturgis is finally here. Maybe you have been one of the many faithful motorcyclists that have been going for years, or maybe you're a newcomer who just picked up their first bike. Either way, the rally that boasts an annual crowd of roughly 500,000 bikers of all [Read more]

Aug 3rd 2016

“I don’t care who sees me! I’m in Sturgis Baby!”

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Aug 21st 2015

 few weeks ago, we were at Sturgis like many of you. We were glad to see many of you face to face and proud to see so many Viking Bags saddlebags throughout the whole week. Here’s a short recap we had our friend Sash write for us, quite the story I tell you!“I don’t care who sees me! I’m in Stu [Read more]

Aug 21st 2015

Sturgis 2015 Sale – Get 15% Off

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Jul 22nd 2015

Last week’s sale was just s teaser because we knew that as we got closer to the date, we were going to get really close. Thankfully, we are still here willing and able to help you guys and gals out with our biggest discount to date. This time around, enjoy 15% off on your next purchase. Depending on [Read more]

Jul 22nd 2015

Pre-Sturgis Sale! Are You Ready?

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Jul 13th 2015

At this point, you already know if you’re going to Sturgis or not, right? Well we’re here to give you  a great discount whether you’re going or not. Boom! 12% off for this week only so you can get yourself that pair of saddlebags you’ve been wanting. If you purchase now, you’ll still have time [Read more]

Jul 13th 2015

Sturgis Rally 2014 Sale!

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Jul 15th 2014

Since Sturgis is right around the corner, we’ve launching our longest sale of the year. From now until August 17th, we’re going to be hosting our annual Sturgis sale. You’ll be able to take advantage of our great prices and get an additional 10% off as well. You still have time to order before you l [Read more]

Jul 15th 2014