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​Motorcycle Luggage Guide For Adventure Motorcycle Trips

Posted by Blake Simons on Nov 6th 2019

Adventure motorcycle trips are a different game than other trips thus they need a different luggage packing approach. Motorcycle luggage packing is a trial and error you get better as you do it more. Packing is the base of any trip that can ruin or improve the trip experience. Packing is one of the most asked questions when it comes to motorcycle trips and tours.

Preparing the


There is a lot of great adventure motorcycle luggage out there, you can see different bags and choose the one that seems the best. You might have to modify the bike a little, but first, check different bags so that if you can avoid the modification. Keep some space in your bags for you might have to put the gear you are wearing there or pack some souvenirs on the way back. Always remember, heavy items go on the bottom and lightweight on top. Don’t forget the essential documents and tools. Keep the items you need quick access to, in the tank bag. Tubes, tire repair kit, air pumps, tow straps, portable chargers, first aid kit, documents, tools needed are some things to check before the trip.


Make sure the bike is ready and no repairs are needed. Get your bike checked and repaired before the trip and make sure everything is as you like.


Riding gear like helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, and boots will be on your body, but you have to be prepared for weather conditions depending on where you are going. Keep a rain suit or wear waterproof gear. Either buy waterproof luggage or do waterproofing afterward, it is important.

Camping essentials

This is entirely dependent on your camping duration and conditions. However, the following are the things that are a must. Before that here is a tip, pack small and compact.


If the trip is long then packing a fresh pair for each day could consume all of the parking space. In that case, go for fresh underwear and socks for each day keeping the outer layer on for two or three days. Pack and wear sweat-wicking and breathable base layer and the jacket should be breathable. Packing luggage for a camping trip or adventure trip can be tricky, this detailed guide will help pack efficiently.

Pack one complete pair together, roll T-shirt and trousers together this saves time, space, and effort. Keep some shorts, sandals or flip flops for when on foot.

Put old clothes in a Ziplock bag, and in other luggage if possible. A deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, mosquito repellent, lotion, bug spray, sunscreen, toiletries and lots of baby wipes are essential.


Camping is a part of adventure motorcycle tips and again it depends on the weather, your stay, how often and how much you’ll eat, and what food you are bringing. Dried, instant food like noodles and ramen, and dehydrated foods are easy to pack and cook. Pack the utensils, match or lighter, plate, fork, and spoon, and other stuff you will need. Bring enough water that can fulfill your drinking, cooking, cleaning and other needs. Check the water availability along your route and pack accordingly.

Other necessities

Things like snacks, lighter matches, medicines, headlamps, phone accessories, sunblock, wipes, etc. don’t need much space and are important. For instance, no bug spray and repellent can make your camping a living hell. Don’t forget to pack the prescription with you.


You know more than anyone what things you need, so just pack for the trip and nothing more. This article gives a rough idea about the essentials and how to pack them. Of course, it will vary depending on many things. I hope this helped and you have an excellent adventure ride.

Nov 6th 2019