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Best Routes to Sturgis Rally

Posted by Viking Bags on Jul 24th 2019

This year on the 79th anniversary for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally you can take the following routes to the rally. Enjoy your ride along the way with scenic views and be close to nature as one can get. This is going to be a long tour so you need to prepare. We recommend saddlebags, and if you already do not have it then buy it from Viking Bags. There is a Sturgis sale going on right now!

On these routes to the Sturgis Rally, you will feel it’s all about the journey. So, if you are headed there following are the routes worth the ride and towns worth a stop with little detail about them. Enjoy your ride!

Spearfish Canyon

This 50-mile route is without a doubt one of the most amiable rides in the Black Hills. The must-see areas include Devils Bathtub, Black Hills Mining Museum, Spearfish Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Homestake Gold Mine, Little Crow Peak.

The Mother Road I-90 Corridor

Your ride to Sturgis is not complete without I-90. This is the core EAST-WEST corridor that brings bikers from all around the globe together. It is also one of the best motorcycle roads and you can enjoy your engine revving up. Just the sound of it and your throttle will make adrenalin rush in your body. This 3,101 miles longest interstate coast is perfect to run the bike at its fullest. Minnesota is where the east I-90 team got connected with west I-90 team in 1978. This is wayside rest area in Blue Earth and rider community here is really friendly and family-like. Different U.S. Highways roads across getting connected with it as you get closer to Sturgis.

Devils Tower

The famous 110-mile ride along Devils Tower cannot go unrecognized. The famous and intriguing natural icons would definitely catch your attention.

Needles Highway

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67-mile long needles highway will test your skills to another level with tight curves, pigtails, and switchbacks. It has 17mile-long iron mountain road and Cluster State Park are areas where you need to be alert. There are many places where you can stop to grab a drink however Hill City and Keystone are closest. Sylvan Lake is an incredible place with beautiful views and hiking trails.

The Badlands

Badlands National Park is full of Black Hills spectacular views. This 162-mile long road trip introduces the beauty of Buffalo Gap National Grasslands and Rapid City. Anything could go wrong on such a long trip so take all your repair tools and required kit along. Don’t have enough space to buy these tool bags and put all in it.

Bear Butte

The ride through this historical landmark for Native American Indians and early European Pioneers, the Bear Butte State Park, includes Rocky Point State recreation area and a hiking trail. Nisland and Belle Fourche towns and Belle Fourche River. Belle Fourche is French and means beautiful.

Nation Monument, the geographical center of the United States. Old railroad town, Whitewood, founded by Chicago and North Western Railways. And there are many more things to have a look at.

Playhouse Road

This is an 88-mile journey around Rockerville, Hill City, and Keystone not so rushes roads. The curves and twists of the road make it fun. Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns is a must-stop place and the central lake is one quick stop you should also add to the list.

Two-sister Road

The US Hwy 34 and SD State Highway 34 are known as two sister highway. Prior one is 1,122 miles long stretching from Colorado to the Western suburbs of Chicago. This Hwy takes you from Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska to Colorado. Mississippi River and the Missouri River also come along the way. Towards the end, the Rocky Mountains, you’ll touch the west ranch land. Choose any north and south two-lane road and ride to Black Hills and Sturgis. If you want to have a map in front of you all the time then the easiest solution is to get a tank bag and put the map in its front clear pocket. It could be either your phone or paper map.

Alzada Road

Going through Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota state you would cover about 120-miles. The Bear Lodge Mountains with typical plain areas. There is not usually much traffic here and you can enjoy!

Rochford Road

Half of 75-mile long Rochford road follows along the Hwy 385. It is so beautiful that you would want to spend the rest of your life there. The first half is more traveled than a second however, the second half also has breathtaking views. But you should be careful on Rochford and Deerfield, enjoy the panoramas but be cautious.

Sundance Road

The 118-mile long ride goes through gold mining towns to Spearfish, Horton, Buckhorn, and many others. However, you should not miss the Sundance, it is a little town but hold much fun.

Jewel Cave

This is one of the longest rides expanding to 146-miles and thus has fewer riders so you can enjoy your ride. Going through Buckhorn, WY, New Castle, WY, Custer City, SD, Hill City, SD, Crazy Horse Memorial and Jewel Cave National Monument you will enjoy it as much as another.

Red Lodge, Montana

Red Lodge is the ranching community and resort located on US Hwy 212, 45 miles south of Billings. Its alpine community surrounded by Custer National Forest and the Beartooth Mountains. The switchbacks, peaks, glaciers, alpine lakes, and plateaus are the scenic views not to be missed. If you are not in a rush and have time then Red Lodge and the Beartooth Mountains are worth it. Here you will ride on the best roads for motorcycles and experience rider friendly environment. Having clothes, toothbrush, and other things with you will help a lot. In case you did not think of it do it now and fill your backpack with all essential things.

Mackinaw City

The Michigan lake is followed by the Michigan State Hwy 31. This divided highway later presents a beautiful route up north. It passes through lakes, wineries, and other local shops. This bridge will take you to the Upper Peninsula

Vanocker Canyon

Observe the beauty of this 80-mile and almost 2-hour long ride with its beautiful twists and turns. You would have a lot of eye-catching views like the Sheridan Lake Road and historic Deadwood.

Colorado Hwy 160/145/550

The majestic Colorado highway winds through Pueblo archaeological sites, canyons, mountain passes, and mining towns. The spectacular views from San Juan are mouth dropping. Then from Durango and onwards, you get road climbs through 10,620-foot Coal Bank Pass over the 10,890-foot Molas Pass and finally to the Silverton. Take this bumpy ride if you have the guts and nerve to.

The narrow road between Silverton and Ouray blows away your mind with its tunnels, steep drop-offs, switchbacks, and Ute trail. The scenes from there will make you feel like you are in a movie.

Hot Springs

Hot springs are less hilly but there is plenty of prehistoric wonderment to enjoy. The 75-mile road is curvy with some places open than others. There are many challenges along with the scenic views. Be careful on Hwy 385.

Nemo Road

This picturesque ride through form Sturgis to Deadwood and back hold many views and a jaw-dropping trip to Nemo Road. Along the way, Norris Peak Road and Rim Rock Hwy difficult will test your riding skills. Passing through the Ghost town you can make stops along the way.

Some important things and notes

Along this long journey there are many important things to note, see and know but here are some of the important tips that we thought are important sharing with you guys. Before that, if you need any motorcycle accessory you can buy them all for reasonable prices, just have a look.

Highway numbering

Highway numbering along the interstate and primary routes are odd. The east-west have even numbers while the north-south highways have odd numbering. The odd numbers are increasing from west to the east while south to north even numbers is increasing.

In short, the US highway numbering increase from east to west and north to south. If you are still confused following statement might help. The numbering system is right and true even if the local directions on routes do not match your compass directions. However, to confuse you even more, in South Dakota it is only true for 2-digit highways. Do not worry, read it once again. Go on and once you do you will get the gist of it.

Save fuel and distance

You can save yourself miles of distance, fuel, and hours of ride and tiredness whether you are going or coming from Sturgis. What you can simply do is take the “Lake Express Ferry” which is a 2.5 hours ride to “Milwaukee”. It leaves Muskegon twice a day. You can see the Harley museum and relax for some time on the ferry.

Get a friend along

The company of a friend or loved one can make your journey enjoyable and you will not even notice it. Long distances won’t even feel like it anymore. However, if you did not bring one along you can find countless communities along the way. There are many friendly communities that are like family and waiting to welcome you. The hospitality and friendly environment are worth enjoying. Enjoy, ride safe, and go prepared!

Jul 24th 2019