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Best Motorcycle Roads and Destinations in New Mexico, United States

Best Motorcycle Roads and Destinations in New Mexico, United States

Posted by Viking Bags on Oct 14th 2021

Oct 14th 2021

As you navigate New Mexico on your motorcycle, you will come to see why this state is referred to as the “Land of Enchantment.” Though most of New Mexico is covered in deserts, it is renowned for having plenty of natural scenery. Depending on which region you venture out to, you will encounter a variety of terrain.

Head to the east and you will end up in the Great Plains. Turn northward and you will ascend the Rocky Mountains. Veer out west and you will carve through the Colorado Plateau. If you go southward of the Rocky Mountains, then you will see the length of the Basin and Range Region.

While New Mexico’s nature sites make for memorable places to visit with your motorcycle, you can find enjoyment in other places too. Either in towns along your intended route or simply by cruising along the roads on your way to destinations.

The purpose of this article is to list the most popular motorcycle roads and destinations in New Mexico.

Best Roads and Destinations in New Mexico

New Mexico State Road 152

Distance: 532 miles

Time: 9 hours 57 minutes

Start: Silver City

End: Silver City

While not the most well-known road in New Mexico, it does pass by some notable nature sites including the Chihuahua Desert, the Mimbres Mountains, the Mimbres River Valley, and the Piños Altos Mountains.

Shortly after leaving Silver City, you may find yourself near Santa Clara. You can eat at the Wright’s Cabin Picnic Ground with rows of ponderosa pine trees surrounding you.

As you get closer to Kingston, you may want to visit the Gila National Forest. It is a rare opportunity to explore the sixth largest national forest in the United States.

Northern-Central New Mexico Loop

Distance: 385 miles

Time: 8 hours

Start: Albuquerque

End: Albuquerque

Near Albuquerque, you can venture out to see the Petroglyph National Monument and the Cibola National Forest. The ride is pretty uneventful until you go past Jemez Springs. Then you will be able to catch sight of the Valles Caldera National Preserve and the Bandelier National Monument.

Because the loop has a large quantity of small towns and major cities along the path, you have easy access to gas stations and restaurants. If you find yourself hungry after nearly completing the route, you should check out the Plaza Burgers in Las Vegas, NM.

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