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Adventure Camera Bags

Adventure Camera Bags

If you love photography, then chances are you never embark on your trips without a camera. Sometimes these are bulkier than the compact digi-cam that a regular tourist sports. But no matter how big or bulky they are, cameras are fragile items and need to be protected very well. So if you are planning to carry your camera with you on one of your long rides, then having a good camera bag is vital. The adventure camera bags from brand Viking are the perfect choice in this regard. Constructed from soft and durable leather with a plastic and canvas backup, these bags are hardy as well as weatherproof. They are perfectly capable of holding digital or older SLR cameras with lenses and the additional accessories that one may need.

In these uniquely designed bags, the lower parts have foam padded compartments that can easily protect the camera and other gears. They also sport quick-release buckles and Velcro flaps for complete weather protection and security. The various compartments can be zipped open or folded against the back panel easily in order to make more space or larger compartments. The upper sections of camera bags for adventure function like carriers where users can put other necessary belongings like lenses, camera accessories, water bottles and even personal belongings. There are two mesh pockets, one on each side which offers quick access to all items.

Key Features of Viking Adventures Camera Bags:

The front zipper pockets are ideal places for storing smaller and necessary items like batteries or spare memory cards, helping one be well organized on the road. The Viking adventure camera bags also include an expandable sternum strap and an adjustable waist strap. This padded shoulder strap also has a padded carrying handle which combine to make these bags very comfortable and very easy to use. They are easy to attach and detach, and when they are fastened on to the bike they stay that way no matter how fast one is riding. For the times, when the user wants to carry these bags around, they can be clicked off in a jiffy and tried around the waist or carried like a real bag. This portability and flexibility really adds to their popularity.

These super lightweight and comfortable adventures camera bags offer adequate space and security to all users when they are on the road. Though primarily made for bikers, the hardiness of these bags makes them very popular with hikers, campers and trekkers as well. The unique ventilated back support system and ergonomic shoulder straps combine to make these bags the ideal professional luggage companion for every outdoor photographer, professional as well as amateur. The amazing thing is that the versatility does not make them expensive. Reasonably priced, these bags can fit every budget easily.