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V Star 1100 Classic, XVS11A

Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic, XVS11A Saddlebags

Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic, XVS11A Bags

Cornering the motorcycle saddlebag market with their award-winning luggage solutions, Viking Bags has created a lineup specifically for use with Yamaha's V-Star 1100 Classic and XVS11A bikes. Riders can find a bag specially tailored for mounting on their motorcycles here in this section, removing the guess-work of compatibility and comfort. We have something for every type of rider and situation, so step inside and explore our different saddlebag options to see how these Yamaha bags can make your motorcycle really stand out.

Featured Accessories

Although certain models like the Concord and the Hammer series are quite different in appearance, you'll find the same great Viking leather construction in every model featured in this lineup. V-Star 1100 Custom and XVS11T saddlebags are built with the purpose of quick mounting to these certain bikes, so comfort and styling is never compromised. Riders will also appreciate the high level of detail that Viking puts into the very features that make these luggage compartments such a competition killer. For instance, adjustable yokes allow riders to better position the saddlebags on their motorcycles, allowing for an optimal fit every time. Likewise, organizational pockets and interior liners help keep the stored luggage from shifting around and becoming damaged during mobility. Viking doesn't stop there, though, because each of these saddlebags feature their own standard features that make them such attractive on-bike companions.

Locked Down Protection

To fully protect your luggage from the day's ride, Viking included a locking mechanism and personal key system with many of the V-Star 1100 Classic and XVS11A saddlebags you'll find in this section. Keep your luggage locked down when you're away, or simply pop open the lid with the key when you're ready to access. Likewise, Viking uses Velcro strips in order to ensure an airtight closure as necessary, keeping rain and other harmful elements from penetrating the exterior. Keeping your luggage safe and dry is a Viking mission! You'll be happy to know that every 1100 saddlebag we offer comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Once your saddlebag arrives, use the free mounting hardware and installation instructions to check out how these luggage solutions can work in your favor. If you need to make an exchange or return, give us a call and we'll help you out.

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