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Quick Disconnect system for Harley Dyna

Product #: DN-100-QDS
Ships Same Day
List Price: $174.00
Our Price: $114.99
  1. Extra Secure Brackets that can be locked in order to keep your Bags safe
  2. Once the bags are off absolutely nothing is visible that even hints that bags just came off this bike.
  3. Adjustability on this system allows you to place bags where they look good.
  4. Bags can be switched between bikes with minor effort.
  5. Top Quality Construction using marine grade powder coated metal.
  6. Bags can be taken off from the bike or put back on within seconds.
  7. Quick detachable system comes with instruction and is easy to install. Once they are install you do not need any tools to take bags off or put them on. The Qds is easily installed by removing 2 bolts from your fender and replacing with 2 of the oem bolts with Viking QDS system bolts and hardware which are also called Docking posts. The quick disconnect bracket is then bolted on to your saddlebags.
  8. The docking posts are made of rust proof polished stainless steel. The brackets are completely adjustable allowing several benefits such as avoiding turn signal, Adjusting the bags position in desired area and away from passenger foot peg.This bracket keep your bags extremely safe: Simply slide the bracket on the stainless steel Docking posts and turnthe locking key and the brackets and your expensive saddlebags are safe, securely locked onto your bike. Why settle for just one set of saddlebags or no saddlebags, with Viking Qds brackets you can have storage on your bike when you desire and have it gone in second when you don’t.

A must have
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Review by Leroy on May 10, 2014
Ok. I usually don't write reviews, but I thought my experience could help other Dyna owners. I bought a set of locking leather viking backs around 4 months ago. I did not see this product at the time, and I wish I had. This quick disconnect system is a must have for viking bags.
I own a 2014 Dyna Streetbob. I installed the rear marker relocation kit as well as the licence plate holder. First, I installed the bags using the factory brackets. BAD IDEA. DO NOT use the brackets that come with the leather viking bags. No matter how I tried to adjust the left brackets, they would catch under the chain guard and tear a hole!!! So I built my own brackets with 2" pieces of 1/2 " conduit and plates of aluminum. ALso, every time I had to pull off the bags to adjust them, I had to worry about holding the bag in place, the rear markers, the inner bracket, the wiring, and the bolts. Even with a friend holding the bag, this was a pain in the ass!!!
So, let me tell you about this bracket. If you have a Dyna Streetbob like I do, DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT AS IT IS!!!! You will need different hardware. The brackets are perfect, but you will need 4 x 3/8x2 " chrome bolts with 3/8" docking posts and spacers. The kit currently only comes with 2 of the bolts and docking posts. I ended up cutting the longer bolts and drilling out the other 2 docking posts they sent. This is the only reason I took off a star for this kit.
After I did this, though, it only took about an hour to pull off the bags, put on the docking posts (Extremely easy after the hassle of mounting the bags directly!), and bolt the bags to the bracket.
Quality: The brackets are extremely well made, and and seem like they will last for a very long time. They hold the bags well. There is a little play when they are installed, but not bad.
Look: These brackets look very natural on my bike. It looks so much better with these brackets than the original bracket.
Ease of use: Installation is simple and very easy. Just bolt on the Docking posts, put on the brackets and tighten down the locking brackets, then mark and bolt the brackets to your bags. To put them on and take them off, you just turn the key a quarter turn, and they slip right on or off. It is that easy.

Bottom Line: If you buy bags for your bike, go ahead and spend the money for these brackets. They will save you alot of time and some big headaches. Just make sure you call and have them send the right hardware. I have heard that they are very good about it.
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'07 Dyna - FXDLI
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Review by David Blackburn on Feb 17, 2014
I had a set of hard-mounted H-D bags on this bike, along with an H-D quick-detach luggage rack, so I wasn't too sure how these would fit. Well I needn't have worried - they fit perfectly. The installation was pretty straightforward although in my case I needed longer bolts for mounting the bags to the brackets. I expect that wouldn't be a problem with most after-market bags though. Now I only wish they sold additional docking posts separately so I could put a couple of docking posts on my garage wall for off-bike storage.
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careful when ordering
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Review by Greg on Sep 30, 2013
These disconnect systems are solid construction, and a heck of a deal. But the part listed for Harley Dyna does not fit all Dynas. I have a 2011 Super Glide and it required a different kit, the VK1000. My mounting holes were 10 3/8 inch apart. Viking customer service fixed me right up, but I could have saved myself the trouble by calling them first to make sure I got the right mounting system.
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Review by Leo Sykes on Mar 08, 2013
3 stars for looks and quality, had to relocate my signals to get them on but it work out well. 1 more star for the help over the phone. A+ viking
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