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Quick Disconnect system for Harley Dyna

Product #: DN-100-QDS
Ships Same Day
List Price: $174.00
Our Price: $137.00
Application: Harley Dyna
Quick Disconnect: Yes
Key Lockable: Yes
Material: Mild Steel
Finish: Powder Coated
Weight: 9.1 Lbs


  1. Extra Secure Brackets that can be locked in order to keep your Bags safe
  2. Once the bags are off absolutely nothing is visible that even hints that bags just came off this bike.
  3. Adjustability on this system allows you to place bags where they look good.
  4. Bags can be switched between bikes with minor effort.
  5. Top Quality Construction using marine grade powder coated metal.
  6. Bags can be taken off from the bike or put back on within seconds.
  7. Quick detachable system comes with instruction and is easy to install. Once they are install you do not need any tools to take bags off or put them on. The Qds is easily installed by removing 2 bolts from your fender and replacing with 2 of the oem bolts with Viking QDS system bolts and hardware which are also called Docking posts. The quick disconnect bracket is then bolted on to your saddlebags.
  8. The docking posts are made of rust proof polished stainless steel. The brackets are completely adjustable allowing several benefits such as avoiding turn signal, Adjusting the bags position in desired area and away from passenger foot peg.This bracket keep your bags extremely safe: Simply slide the bracket on the stainless steel Docking posts and turnthe locking key and the brackets and your expensive saddlebags are safe, securely locked onto your bike. Why settle for just one set of saddlebags or no saddlebags, with Viking Qds brackets you can have storage on your bike when you desire and have it gone in second when you don’t.

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Review by AJ on Mar 13, 2015
I ordered this product for my 09 dyna fxd. The kit came within three days and installed very quickly. I had one minor problem, I believe the kit is designed for dynas through 08 so the bolts and mounting posts were not totally correct, the bolts on mine are all the same size so I called them up and they sent me two more mounting posts that were the correct size for my application. Over all this is a great product and you won't be disappointed!! Looks good on and off the bike.
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Great hardware, but parts list is still messed up
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Review by Tim B on Feb 10, 2015
I've had my bags for well over a year (love them), but wife got me the QD hardware for Christmas. A few weeks later I went to install them and found, as others apparently have, that only half of the mounting hardware, docking posts, bolts, etc. was the correct size. My set included 2 ea. of everything in 5/16", and 2 ea. in 3/8". The weirdest part is that it's listed that way on the parts list in the instructions. Also, only 4 of the necessary 8 screws for mounting plates to bags were included, so I had to order 4 more. It appears someone screwed up when the parts lists were printed, and the warehouse people are packaging the parts accordingly. Unfortunately, it took me two phone calls, two more shipments, and over two weeks for them to get the right parts to me. During the second phone call, I believe it was Robert who spent time with me to determine that he was sending me all the missing parts I would need. Once all the correct parts finally arrived, the installation was easy, the fit was great, and I am very pleased. The loss of one star is due to the badly packaged parts, and the ineffective tech support on the first phone call. Once all that was resolved, I'm very please with the whole setup.
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My installation experience using these brackets
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Review by David Blackburn on Sep 09, 2014
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Video Review
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Review by Adam on Aug 06, 2014
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