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VTX 1300 C

Honda VTX 1300 C Saddlebags

Honda VTX 1300 C Motorcycle Saddlebags

Known as a cruising legend the world over, Honda's VTX motorcycles are kings of the road in their own right. Riders know exactly how they're approaching the day's ride on a VTX 1300 C, but sometimes the best pair of saddlebags can help them a little more. With Viking Bags' collection of luggage specifically tailored for this bike, you get an affordable saddlebag with innovative features, unremarkable styling and sophisticated mounting abilities. Don't just take our word for it, though; See for yourself!

Key Accessories

Unlike many manufactures of motorcycle luggage, Viking doesn't create tiered accessories for their lineup of saddlebags. You won't find cheap features on one model and the kitchen sink on the next, because Viking sees every VTX 1300 C saddlebag as an individual work of art. Whether you prefer studded accents or a slanted aesthetic, you'll find the same ingenuity in every single pair offered on this page. Synthetic leather, Cardura materials and heavy-duty plastics are used in the core construction, lending themselves quite useful in the face of dangerous road travel and unpredictable weather. Even the chrome-polished buckles and rust-proof zippers make handy accessories when wet climates present themselves unto the rider. You'll find organizational pockets, cellphone holders, rain covers and other useful accessories in an affordable saddlebag.

Standard Security

Because Viking believes that all motorcycle owners are created equal and their bags the same, you get field-tested security with every purchase. Locking mechanisms and personal keys are included with this collection of hard saddlebags to ensure thieves are kept far away from your contents. Even the very seams themselves provide extra security in the face of danger, because you can never be too careful with the construction of a motorcycle saddlebag. Velcro strips are included around the perimeter of many bags to ensure an airtight seal, keeping unwanted hands and weather out of the inside compartments. To help you mount these bags yourself, we've included free hardware ($100 value) and installation instructions. Straight out of the box, all riders can easily mount these saddlebags to their VTX 1300 C motorcycles with the greatest of ease. Of course, we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, because we're so confident you'll love our selection.

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