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VF750C Magna 750

Honda VF750C Magna 750 Saddlebags

Honda Magna VF 750C Motorcycle Saddlebags

Built for the rider in mind, Honda's Magna series motorcycles look tough and act even tougher on the road. Finding the right luggage accessories can sometimes be a chore, but it really doesn't need to be a taxing decision. Viking Bags has a collection built specifically for the VF 750c motorcycles, and we've created these detailed pages to help you better find what you're looking for. From sophisticated styling to modern innovation, you'll find everything you need in a luggage bag with extra features for your convenience. Of course, if you need a bit of help finding the perfect bag, we'll certainly help.

Fabulous Features

While the simplistic yet functional design of these saddlebag models is sure to excite your every emotion, you'll be happy to know that Viking has used only the best materials to construct the bags and their attached features. From chrome-polished buckles used with the quick release system to heavy-duty zippers used for closure, every nook and cranny of these saddlebag models is built to last a lifetime. Using only the finest in synthetic leather, Cardura material and hard plastic, Viking ensures that the Magna VF 750c series saddlebags can handle everything thrown their way. These luggage bags are perfect for all-weather riding. Even when you're ready to quit, the bags keep going.

Bags with Stable Security

Many luggage manufactures cannot boast about the finer details that aid in securing your stored personals when on the bike. For instance, you probably didn't realize that even the seam construction of these saddlebags are designed to ensure durability. Likewise, the company uses their own brand of locking systems to better secure your belongings. Simply used the appropriate key that's included with every purchase, and you can keep access limited to just yourself! Velcro strips also aid in the airtight seal, keeping prying hands away from the interior.

You'll be happy to know that every purchase of these saddlebags comes with free mounting hardware, installation instructions and best of all, a 30-day money back guarantee. We're convinced you'll absolutely love your new pair of saddlebags, so we're letting you test them out and see for yourself. We happily honor full refunds and exchanges during this initial 30-day grace period, so let us know what you think.