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Harley Softail Specific Motorcycle Saddlebags

Harley Davidson Softail Saddlebags Harley Davidson's Softail model line is strictly for touring. The HD softail has been in production for more than 25 years now and continues to sell like they were just introduced. There are many different variations of this particular bike, but all come with the fundamentally same windshield, engine and bars. Classic attributes to the bike like the Floorboards and engine vibrations through the bike help you keep that old school feel. If you want to have more fancy gadgets and luxuries, you can step up to the Deluxe which includes built in stereo to the fairing. No great touring motorcycle is complete without saddlebags. Harley offers premium hard saddlebags with the bike, However- For those who don't feel inclined to pay an arm and leg. We recommend you take a look at our Lamellar hard saddlebags. For those traveling on extra-long trips, our sissy bar bags are well known for their unmatched storage capacity.

Harley-Softail Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Softail Fatboy FLSTF Saddlebags
Softail Fatboy FLSTF
Softail Standard FXST Saddlebags
Softail Standard FXST
Softail Deluxe FLSTN Saddlebags
Softail Deluxe FLSTN
Softail Springer FXSTS Saddlebags
Softail Springer FXSTS
Softail Heritage FLSTC Saddlebags
Softail Heritage FLSTC
Softail Custom FXSTC Saddlebags
Softail Custom FXSTC
Softail Breakout Saddlebags
Softail Breakout
Softail Cross Bones FLSTSB Saddlebags
Softail Cross Bones FLSTSB
Softail Fat Boy Lo Saddlebags
Softail Fat Boy Lo
Softail Night Train FXSTB Saddlebags
Softail Night Train FXSTB
Softail Slim Saddlebags
Softail Slim

Harley-Softail Manufacturer Motorcycle Saddlebag Videos

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Harley Softail Customer Motorcycle Saddlebag Videos

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Welcome to your own Viking Bags Harley Davidson Softail Bags Store:

Known the world over for their innovative styling and extremely durable construction, Viking Bags make great luggage partners for every kind of rider. Whether you enjoy casual rides through town or seek adventure on the open road, Viking has made a bag specifically for your needs. Here at our online shop, riders can find Softail saddlebags that not only help store luggage when it's necessary, but they also look great and add a bit of styling to the rear part of your motorcycle. Because our online shop never closes, you're able to shop from over 100 designs of Harley saddlebags and luggage at any time you like!
Harley Softail saddlebags are designed specifically to universally fit any number of different models, from the Softail Fatboy and Deluxe to the Night Train and Deuce FXSTD. This gives you more options without the worry of incompatibility, because easy-to-install design of every bag allows riders to quickly mount themselves. This is just part of the Harley Softail saddlebag experience, but there's so much more that Viking has to offer. Once you start clicking on the saddlebag options here on our online shop, you'll see the variety of sizes, materials and functions that you can choose from. Of course, Viking also has turn signal relocation kits and quick disconnect systems for riders to better customize their motorcycles and saddlebags to their likings. These are just a few reasons why Softail saddlebags from Viking are the best on the market, but don't just take our word for it. See for yourself!
harley softail saddlebags guide
The compact yet strong construction of these Harley Softail bags is what makes them so unique for riders. We understand you have luggage requirements when heading out for a day's ride, therefore we keep a full line of Viking bags for all purposes. Whether you need to carry a set of extra riding gear or simply need to bring home some goods, we've got all the saddlebags you could ever need for your Softail. Each purchase comes with a complete installation kit including mounting hardware and instructions, too, so there's no need to worry about finding the right parts for your saddlebags.
Browse through our online collection to discover more about these saddlebags for Softail motorcycles. You never know what kind of options exist for your luggage needs until you truly search. For instance, Viking keeps your personal items securely stored away with their innovative locking mechanism, preventing loss and theft during extensive rides. Several more features, like Velcro lining and waterproofing, help make these saddlebags stand out from the competition.
The saddlebags you'll find in this section fit the Softail standard, Deluxe and custom, Softail FatBoy, Softail Springer, Night Train and Softail Heritage motorcycles by Harley Davidson. For riders with numerous Softails, a pair of Viking saddlebags will fit all models. We conveniently offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our purchases, so you know you can buy with confidence every time. We'll help you find a new saddlebag set if you're not completely satisfied, or we'll gladly refund your money.
The Right FeatureStore Confidently

Harley Davidson Softail Fatboy Motorcycle Saddlebags

Unless you've experienced the satisfaction that comes with owning a pair of Viking Bags, you never truly understand until you do. With unique features such as top carry handles (on select models) for better off-bike transportation, organizational pockets for clean storage, weatherproof synthetic leather exterior and a fiberglass frame, the signature Viking saddlebags in this collection are unique in their own way. While many of these features are in fact found in many of the bags, you'll quickly see that each model offers its own styling and sophistication, from studded accents to slanted design aesthetics. These subtle differences give riders the ability to distinguish themselves and choose based on preference and need, something that makes a Softail Fatboy owner proud to accessorize their bikes.
With a free set of mounting hardware and installation instructions, riders of all experience levels can mount these saddlebags on their Softail Fatboys anyway they choose. Because the mounting hardware is built specifically to fit your bike, there won't be any wobbling or damage to your goods as your roll down the road. You can store your personal items safely inside your motorcycle without any worries. But what about when you're parked and away from your motorcycle? Who's watching after your valuables? Viking thought ahead to protect your goods, so they included a locking mechanism and personal key system.
Here in our online store, we're so confident you'll find exactly what you're looking for, we're giving you a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Should you dislike your new purchase after you try it out, we'll be happy to refund your money. Of course, if you simply want a different set of saddlebags for your Softail Fatboy, we can find you a better solution for your needs. Your satisfaction is one of our highest priorities!
Tough ExteriorsSecurely Stored

Harley Davidson Softail Standard Motorcycle Saddlebags

We have a wide selection of different saddlebags for a multitude of differently styled riders, but each one aims at providing riders with enough storage space for their needs. From the Charger line of saddlebags to the Cruiser selections, each model uses Viking's own brand of synthetic leather, Cardura material or hard shell plastic for coverage. A team of engineers has worked diligently to test and experiment with a variety of concepts, giving these saddlebags the durability needed to last a lifetime. A fiberglass frame and ABS-plastic combination handle the duties of interior support, preventing sagging and de-shaping in the bags, even when empty. But what about those unplanned adventures that leave you stuck in the cold rain or snow, sleet and hail? Don't worry, your bags resist the punishment and maintain composure.
Providing organizational pockets helps riders pack away their goods without worry of damage while on the road, but there's more to just storage with a Viking saddlebag. Softail Standard motorcycle owners know how rough the roads can be, and that certainly doesn't end when your bike is parked and you're far away. Fortunately, Viking has included their own innovative locking storage system to keep your personal items safe. Use the personal key to instantly access your interior goods in a matter of seconds! Likewise, the free mounting hardware gives enough support that keeps the bags close at hand.
We're so confident you'll love our selection of Softail Standard saddlebags, we're offering a 30-day money back guarantee on every purchase. If you need to return or exchange your set for any reason, we understand. Aside from full refunds, we also offer our customers advice on what to buy and how to install!
Sophisticated StylingSecond-To-None Protection

Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe Motorcycle Saddlebags

While cutting corners might be the goal for other manufacturers, that's not Viking Bag's forte. Using only the finest synthetic leathers, Cardura material and heavy-duty plastics, the Softail Deluxe saddlebag series gives everyday riders and long-distance commuters a reason to rejoice. Built and tested to withstand wet weather conditions for those unpredictable circumstances, riders will also appreciate the Velcro strips used to create an airtight seal around the perimeter of the bags. Although this collection features subtle differences in every model, giving riders a reason to remain an individual on the road, you will notice that the same signature styling goes into every product. From the studded Charger Slanted to the Cruise Medium, riders can focus more on the day's ride and less on the protection of their goods.
Included with every purchase, free mounting hardware and installation instructions allow riders of all experience levels to quickly install these saddlebags on their Softail Deluxe motorcycles. Because these mounting kits are designed to fit your bikes, they remain strong and durable throughout any condition. Likewise, Viking has included a locking mechanism as a standard feature for many of the saddlebags you see on this page. With a personal key to lock and unlock, riders can leave their bags attached to their bikes and prevent theft from harming their goods.
No matter which saddlebag you choose for your Softail Deluxe, you can buy with confidence. We conveniently offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our products, so there's no confusion when trying to return or exchange. Try out one of our saddlebag sets and let us know what you think, because your satisfaction is one of our highest priorities!
Full FeaturesFull Protection

Harley Davidson Softail Springer Motorcycle Saddlebags

While many saddlebag manufacturers will offer riders a selection of tiered products – choices that come with bare basics for one price and jacked-up prices for the full monty – Viking believes that every rider should have access to the luxurious features found among these saddlebags. With standard features such as chrome-polished buckles, quick-release buckle system, organizational dividers, cellphone pockets, rain covers and plastic reinforcement, riders can concentrate more on sizing than pricing. Constructed using fine materials such as Viking's own synthetic leather, Cardura and heavy-duty plastic, Softail Springer owners can complement their modern classics with a bit of sophisticated styling.
Imagine yourself stuck out on the road when dark clouds and rainy weather show themselves. The forecast called for clear skies all day, but you know better than to trust the weather service. Fortunately for you, this collection of Softail Springer saddlebags is built to handle anything you can: rain, snow, sleet and hail. Although the exterior materials do well at handling inclement weather on their own, rain covers go the extra mile and reduce penetration to the interior. But poor climates aren't the only dangers out on the road, because theft is an all-too-common occurrence. No matter where you find yourself, you can rest easy knowing that Viking's locking mechanism and personal key system has you covered.
If you're hesitant about ordering online, you can browse confidently knowing that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our purchases. Try our bags out, mount them to your bikes with the free hardware and instructions we've provided and let us know what you think. We're only satisfied when you are!
Aesthetically BuiltErgonomically Secured

Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Motorcycle Saddlebags

Designed from the ground up with careful planning and sophisticated styling, Viking cut no corners when they designed the saddlebag collection specifically for the Softail Heritage motorcycle. Although the brand's own leather, Cardura and plastic materials do well to last as long as you can, the seams themselves help give the saddlebags more of a durability shine. Matched with a fiberglass frame and ABS-reinforced plastic body and lid, riders won't need to worry about these saddlebags losing shape when empty or full to the brim. It's easy to see that many of these models are designed with subtle differences, but it's the signature Viking styling that brings the collection together. There's a saddlebag for every rider imaginable, whether new or old, just beginning or a seasoned vet.
Because these saddlebags feature swooping, sleek lines that match your Softail Heritage motorcycle, we thought it would be a good idea to include the right mounting hardware, as well. Use the installation instructions to quickly mount these saddlebags the way they were intended, reducing on-road damage to your stored contents. An ABS-plastic plate improves shock absorbency and protects the goods from rattling around while you ride. Additionally, a locking mechanism and personal key system make sure your goods stay put, even when you're far away from the bike. This provides quick access for you and no access for strangers. Of course, no saddlebag would be complete without the full treatment of weatherproofing, and this all comes at an extremely affordable price.
Try out our saddlebags and see the difference. We're so confident you'll fall in love with your new set of Softail Heritage saddlebags, we're putting money on it. All purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Even if you just want a different size, shape or color, we'll fully refund your money or help you find a better suit. That's our promise to you.
Standard of ExcellenceSafety & Security

Harley Davidson Softail Custom Motorcycle Saddlebags

While each of these saddlebag models stand alone in terms of quality construction and unique styling, they also stand together to represent Viking's lineup of sophisticated luggage compartments for the modern rider. Yes, the Softail Custom may be a classic bike with need for little to no improvement, but these saddlebags will help riders carry their personal goods from point A to point B without sacrificing motorcycle space or factory styling. With standard features such as a quick-release buckle system, dual zipper pulls, rain covers, organizational pockets, weatherproofing and more, riders can get everything they need in one convenient, affordable luggage solution. Viking also uses their own brand of leather, Cardura material and heavy-duty plastic to ensure that nothing penetrates the interior compartment.
From the universal slanted saddlebags to the studded Charger series, all Viking saddlebags are created with equal security. Keeping you safe on the bike is one of the company's main missions, therefore their saddlebags are designed to provide ample leg room as needed. Additionally, these Softail Custom saddlebags use ABS-plastic-reinforced back-plates to improve shock absorbency during high speed travel, keeping the contents inside safe and secure. Many of these saddlebags also feature a locking mechanism and personal key system, allowing riders to limit access to the interior compartments.
We want you to feel confident about ordering one of these Softail Custom saddlebags from us, so we don't want to place any pressure on your order. You can rest easy knowing that every purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, allowing you to try our saddlebags and decide later if they truly fit your needs. Let us know how we can help, whether it's to exchange your new bags or find your next pair.
High Quality Accessorizing:Safe & Secure:

Harley Davidson Softail Breakout Bags

From organizational pockets and mesh liners to adjustable side straps and chrome-polished, quick release buckles, Viking has outfitted their Softail Breakout saddlebags with enough accessories to handle the day's ride. You'll have to explore each model to get a full rundown of the features included, but Viking does a fine job stuffing these bags full with premium selections of handy items. Premium leather, Cardura, heavy-duty plastic and fiberglass are used throughout the model line to maintain stability and keep a proper shape, even when empty.
As if the durable, wet weather ready construction of the Softail Breakout saddlebags' exterior wasn't enough protection for the road ahead, Viking has also outfitted many of the luggage solutions found in this section with their own locking mechanism. Now riders can simply turn the key, lock their goods and step away without being bothered with pesky thieves and unwanted guests. To better ensure an airtight seal where the lid closes, Viking also uses Velcro strips around the perimeter for many of these models, such as the Charger single strap and the Side Pocket models. But the real protection of your luggage happens when you're screaming down the highway at 80 miles an hour, because an ABS plastic backplate reinforces the rear section and improves shock absorbency.
Every purchase comes with a free mounting hardware kit and instructions for individuals to install on their own. No matter how experienced you are with the mechanics of a motorcycles, we're positive you can mount your new Softail Breakout saddlebags. Once you've given them a proper testing, give us a call and let us know what you think. If there's any reason why you aren't fully satisfied, we'll be happy to return or exchange your bags for another pair. We're fully committed to your experience with Viking Bags.
Featured Innovation by VikingbagsStored Safely-Secure Bags

Harley Davidson Softail Cross Bones Motorcycle Saddlebags

Many of Viking's saddlebags come standard with patent pending features, allowing riders to take advantage of the usefulness of the many luxurious accessories. For example, riders will appreciate the affordability of a saddlebag set that comes standard with premium leather or Cardura material used on the exterior. Additionally, organizational dividers, soft lining and chrome-polished buckles are used to give riders a better way to store their goods. The buckles provide access through a quick-release functionality, but other saddlebags feature a zipper system. No matter which pair of saddlebags you select, you'll notice that the Softail Cross Bones bike is complimented rather nicely.
Protecting your goods should be the main mission in a saddlebag, but many brands simply fall short. With Viking Bag's innovative design, engineers spend countless hours testing their products to ensure each set can withstand the punishment set forth by daily travel. Weather resistant and ready to tackle wet conditions, your stored items stay dry and safe for much longer. If the weather is unrelenting and you simply must press on, a rain cover helps better protect the saddlebags from being penetrated. Of course, many of these Softail Cross Bones saddlebags come standard with a locking mechanism and personal key system to really keep your stored items safe. Keep unwanted hands away from your goods and make access a breeze!
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on every product we sell. If you're having any doubts about our Viking Bags for your bike, try us out and see what you think. We'll happily refund your money or find you a better product for your needs.
Constructive Quality:Protected and Served:

Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy Lo Bags

By using their own brand of leather in many of the Fat Boy Lo saddlebags and Cardura or plastic in others, Viking has created a durable lineup of luggage solutions for every type of rider. But it's the heavy-duty accessories that really help maintain a long existence, from the seam construction to the chrome-polished buckles of the Dynamite. These exterior features are all waterproof, preventing your luggage from becoming damaged as it’s hauled across the country. Likewise, organizational pockets keep smaller, more valuable items from being lost in a sea of clothing or riding gear. It's safe to say that every inch of the Viking Fat Boy Lo collection is well thought out.
Creating an acceptable storage bag for your motorcycle is one thing, but Viking wanted to ensure that your luggage stayed yours, no matter where you traveled. That's why they've introduced an innovative locking feature for many of their Fat Boy Lo saddlebags featured in this collection. You can walk away without a worry by simply locking down your goods, but there's more protection that Viking packs into every model. ABS plastic backplates help improve shock absorbency in every model, while rain covers help better weatherproof the exterior when the weather gets really rough.
Every luggage solution we carry comes with its own mounting hardware kit and installation instructions for proper fitting. When your new package arrives, take a quick moment to mount your new saddlebags to the Fat Boy Lo and try them out. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll return or exchange your saddlebags and help you find an answer that works best for your needs. Each purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and we mean it!
Innovative Build QualityTested Security

Harley Davidson Softail Night Train Saddlebags

Because Viking uses their own brand of synthetic leather, Cardura material and heavy-duty plastic to construct the exterior of these saddlebags, riders get durable luggage compartments at an extremely affordable price. Each model uses its own unique way to provide convenient access, from the quick-release buckle system to a full zipper enclosure. However, many saddlebag models offered in this collection also feature a Velcro strip system to improve the airtight seal around the perimeter. Additionally, standard features such as organizational pockets, mesh liners, hidden compartments and studded accents are what separate the Softail Night Train saddlebags made by Viking from the competition.
Providing ample room and safety for riders is one of Viking's main goals with on-bike luggage. However, the brand far exceeds this mission and makes sure that the contents inside are well-protected, too. No matter which saddlebag suits your needs, you'll quickly see how weather resistant these luggage companions truly are. Rain covers make them even more durable and long-lasting in wet weather conditions, but the security doesn't end with simple waterproofing. Viking's own locking mechanism and personal key system is used to lock down many of the saddlebags when the owner has stepped away. You can never be too careful with who's watching you, so Viking made it a standard feature.
You'll fall in love with your new Softail Night Train saddlebags upon first sight. Of course, if you happened to order the wrong size, color or shape for your motorcycle, we'll gladly refund your money or find you a better exchange. Each purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, because your satisfaction is one of our highest priorities.
Something Extra:Standard Safety:

Harley Davidson Softail Slim Bags

Going above and beyond the standard saddlebag, Viking includes extra features such as the ABS plastic backplate. This handy device is attached to the rear of the bag where it rests against the bike itself, improving shock absorbency and preventing the stored luggage from being damaged during mobility. Likewise, organizational pockets also help better store your items, but it's really the materials used that protect everything. Premium leather is used with many of the Softail Slim saddlebags, such as the Slim Charger Single Strap and the Quarter Circle bags. Each model has something a little extra and unique, but you'll have to click on each one to find out more.
Most of the saddlebags featured in this Viking collection are built using the company's own patented locking system for luggage security. With a simple twist of the key, your personal items are locked away and safely stored while you're away. This locking mechanism is built right into the lid of the Softail Slim saddlebags, therefore it creates a streamlined appearance. Even with such an affordable set of saddlebags as is, Viking included their locks as a standard feature on many of the small to large sized bags in this section. To further enhance the airtight seal, though, Velcro strips have been placed around the perimeter, keeping unwanted guests from reaching inside while parked and cold, wet weather out while ripping down the road.
Every purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, because we're only satisfied when you are. Take this time to mount your new saddlebags (using the free hardware kit and instructional booklet) directly to your motorcycle and take them for a test spin. After a couple weeks, give us a call and let us know what you think. If you'd like a different color, shape or size, we'll be happy to help you out. But we think you'll absolutely love your new selection!
Complimentary DesignProven Durability

Harley Davidson Rocker C Motorcycle Saddlebags

Viking has dedicated valuable time and research to building the highest quality motorcycle saddlebags available on the market. But the physical appearance of these luggage companions is just as important as their main functionality, therefore Viking engineers have made sure that the design compliments the natural lines of the Softail Rocker C. Additionally, key features such as mounting straps, quick-release buckles and organizational pockets have been included for riders to better haul their goods from point A to point B. You won't feel embarrassed about hauling around town with your new saddlebag luggage, because Viking designed these bags to look factory from the moment they're mounted.
Constructed using the finest leather and fiberglass, Viking has constructed these Rocker C saddlebags to withstand all kinds of punishment. It's understandable that motorcycle riders push the limits of their on-bike accessories, because we're simply exposed to more poor weather conditions and rough terrain than other motorists on the road. Each of the saddlebags offered in this section are tested to endure harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snowfall, sleet and hail. Your stored contents shouldn't suffer just because you're stuck out in the rain. Additionally, a plastic body and lid help reduce sagging and improve shock absorbency.
You'll be happy to know that all of our Rocker C saddlebags come with free mounting hardware, installation instructions and a 30-day money back guarantee. We're confident you'll love how well these bags match your motorcycle, but if you need to return or exchange your purchases for whatever reason, we'll be happy to sort you out. Let us know how we can help before or after you order, because our commitment to your satisfaction is a top priority.